800px-Nautilus_logo.svg (1) Nautilus is one of the oldest fitness brands and they not only specialize in top of the range treadmill parts, but they also offer exceptional innovative technology. Nautilus treadmills fit perfectly in the middle when it comes to pricing. They offer exceptional durability and their fitness programs should be ideal for anyone looking to lose weight or get into shape. We have decided to look a little closer at these treadmills and find out whether or not the quality warrants the price tag. We have included some of the main features that you might expect to find on your Nautilus treadmill as well a few of their top treadmills that we would highly recommend. Here’s a list of best Nautilus treadmills for sale which is reviewed in this article:

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Since they do command a hefty price tag for some, it will be beneficial for you to see what you will be paying for; this enables you to make the decision on choosing them or a different brand. Since they are one of the original brands, it should come as no surprise that we would definitely recommend them for their reliability.

Key features you will find on Nautilus treadmills

Nowadays there are so many top rated brands to choose from and treadmills are designed for the same purpose. These force brand to start thinking out of the box and the more brands hit the market, the more unique features you could expect to find. Nautilus is quite old and they have established a system of top features. Here is a good overview of some features that you could expect to find if you buy a Nautilus treadmill:

  • Motors: Nautilus offers a wide range of treadmills and this also influences the quality of the motors. The commercial grade treadmills are obviously more expensive and they have better motors when compared to the home treadmills. These motors will range between 2 and 4 CHP, which will give you high top speeds and still decent top speeds for the home versions.
  • Materials: Nautilus treadmills are exceptionally durable and they are made from top of the range materials. These commercial grade materials might spike the overall costs, but you will certainly be getting great value for your money. The durability is fundamentally important when it comes to the lifetime of the treadmill and the additional repair costs you might need to spend.
  • Consoles: The consoles are the best part for us and Nautilus has greatly improved the sizes of their newer treadmill consoles. These consoles are easy to navigate and they also feature USB ports for you to connect your mobile devices. This can be used for downloading your fitness information and connecting to fitness apps like myfitnesspal.
  • Multiple workout programs: All the Nautilus treadmills include state of the art training programs. These programs are designed to help you get started, but they also feature an intermediate level. This means you will never get bored or too good for the treadmill, which should be extremely motivating for those living a healthy and fit lifestyle.
  • Foldability: Depending on the treadmill you choose, you will also have the benefit of folding it and storing it. This feature is not available for the commercial grade treadmills, but the cheaper options are really designed to help save space in your home. When the treadmill is set up, you will simply have to move it a little bit and then you should be ready to have it folded up. This folding is perfect for smaller homes and means you do not have any excuse not to invest in one.
  • Additional extras: The Nautilus treadmills include a few additional things you might not know about or not even need. When plugging in your mobile device, the treadmill also includes top of the range speakers, which can be used for listening music. The tread belts also vary depending on the quality of the treadmill and the suspension technology is designed to reduce the strain that it put on your joints and leg.
  • Stability and comfort: These treadmills include those comfortable grip bars for you to hold onto, while many professionals might not like these, they do offer some level of safety and comfort. The treadmills are also quite heavy and this means more stability. While the setup might be strenuous, you only need to endure it once and your treadmill will be ready for use and stable for vigorous use.
  • Warranty: These treadmills come with exceptional warranties and the best you could find will have a 10-year warranty on the motor. The treadmill does need to be serviced, but this is also factored in and for a limited time you could have, it serviced free. The parts do not have such great warranties and these are between 2 and 3 years. If these fail, you might need to dole out some extra cash to have them repaired.
  • Reduced assembly costs: If your treadmill is already expensive, you might be discouraged by extra assembly costs. Reduced assembly costs are really good and they will save you a ton of cash at the start. There are also a few free assembly special deals that you could find to get you started.

These are the 9 main features that you could expect to receive when purchasing a Nautilus treadmill. Not all of them will have all of these features, but having a combination of a few should make anyone happy. We know they are quite expensive, but if you are looking for the best quality, you need to be willing to pay for it as well.

Top Nautilus Treadmills of 2017 Reviewed

By now, you should be somewhat of an expert when it comes to Nautilus treadmills and how they work. We have decided to review a couple of the top Nautilus treadmills to get you started if you are considering one. These might not be all of their available treadmills, but they should definitely keep you happy and started on the right track.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

The Nautilus T614 Treadmill is one of their top selling treadmills and it features the folding feature. The treadmill has been designed from top quality commercial grade materials and this will ensure you have maximum durability. A 2.5CHP motor is included and this might not be the best, but it still offers speeds of up to 12MPH. The console is extremely impressive and it features an oversized high-resolution HD console. This makes navigation and stat tracking that much easier. The treadmill also includes 22 different training programs, which have all been professionally designed. These will get you started off on the right track and ensure you never get bored. The only complaint we could really find about this treadmill is the cushioning. It includes huge rollers but lacks a decent suspension system for comfort. This means that you might encounter joint pain and other problems from overusing it. The treadmill is actually well priced for all of the features it provides. There are no assembly costs that you need to deal with and this already saves you a ton of money. The treadmill also includes a 10-year warranty on the motor and the parts are covered for 2 years. Unfortunately, labor is only for 90 days and you need to have the treadmill serviced on your own. We would definitely recommend the treadmill for all of the intricate features you receive. If you are serious about fitness, this treadmill will be one of the best to go with. Pros:

  • Extremely durable
  • Large console
  • 22 workout programs included
  • The treadmill can be folded
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not the best cushioning system

Nautilus T616 Treadmill

The Nautilus T616 Treadmill is a little more expensive and will also cost you a little assembly fee if needed. The treadmill is also designed from commercial grade materials, but the 3 CHP motor is a little better and should give you speeds of up to 12MPH with ease. The treadmill includes a fascinating console, which consists of 2 backlit LCD display systems. One is used for you to see your workout progress and the stats you are hitting, whilst the other is used for planning and checking out your workout. The treadmill also includes speakers with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, making it easier for you listen to your favorite songs whilst running. Even though you will have the ability to fold the treadmill when you are done, you could also use the incline feature. The treadmill can be set to an incline of 15% and this will greatly improve your workout. By combining this incline with the 13 programs on the system, there should not be any way for you to stall in your results. This treadmill is quite expensive, but it also includes a much larger tread belt. The addition of 2 crown rollers also offers you a smooth workout experience, while the 10-year frame and motor warranty will give you excellent peace of mind. We would definitely recommend this treadmill for the more serious runners. Pros:

  • Excellent durability
  • Good cushioning and stability
  • Includes incline and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Larger than average tread belt


  • Really expensive

Nautilus 618 Treadmill

The Nautilus 618 Treadmill is definitely designed for the professional users. It includes a powerful 3.5 CHP motor that should be ideal for vigorous running and training. The motor is also extremely smooth when compared to some of the other louder ones. If you are paying this much money for a treadmill, you should obviously expect something special and this is exactly what Nautilus is offering with this treadmill. Rebound technology is used in the cushioning and this definitely lightens that load on your joints when working out. You are also less likely to suffer any joint pain with the treadmill and keep going on for longer. 26 Professionally designed programs are included. These programs range from weight loss all the way to interval training. A chest strap is also included for your heart rate checks and the treadmill is foldable. No assembly costs are required and the incline can be controlled from the large high-resolution console. This is one of the most expensive treadmills from Nautilus and it is designed for vigorous exercise and training. It also includes a decent 10-year warranty on the frame and motor and the additional extra you have seen in the other treadmills are included here. We would highly recommend this one for those serious about fitness and planning to use it often. Pros:

  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Extremely durable
  • Foldable design
  • Includes rebound cushioning


  • Extremely expensive

Final Thoughts

These are the 3 main treadmills you can expect to find from Nautilus. There are a few others as well, but we would highly recommend these as our top 3. One of the main things that these treadmills have in common is the durability and warranties. Nautilus will certainly be the brand to choose when you are looking for peace of mind. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope you have seen the quality that Nautilus treadmills provide. We would like you to drop a comment below in the comment section and let us know whether you have used one of these treadmills of not. Also, share your experience if you have.


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