Brand-StoryThere are a lot of good treadmill brands at all. There are universal treadmill brands, professional treadmill brands, cheap treadmill brands, quality treadmill brands, high-tech treadmill brands – in the list below you can find all the best commercial treadmill brands with their rating by their quality and flexible configuration and features. It does not mean the brands with one-star is worse than five-star, just they have different audiences, for example, Weslo has one-star, but the treadmills that company is quite nice for their price, at the same time, NordicTrack has high-quality and high-tech treadmills with fairly high cost. Their treadmills are just heaven and earth (one and five stars), but both are good for their price category. Let’s look at the list of the top rated treadmill brands below:

BrandBrand ReviewsRating
NordicTrack-Logo-Black2_1024x1024NordicTrack Treadmill Reviews5
solefitnesslogo2-1-Sole Treadmill Reviews5
pic09184Cybex Treadmill Reviews5
logo-precorPrecor Treadmill Reviews5
LF_mkt_logo_cmykLife Fitness Treadmill Reviews5
bodycraft-logoBodycraft Treadmill Reviews4
logo-2015-PFcolorProForm Treadmill Reviews4
800px-Nautilus_logo.svgNautilus Treadmill Reviews4
Lifespan_LogoLifeSpan Treadmill Reviews4
landice_logo_1Landice Treadmill Reviews4
horizon-fitness_logo_2329Horizon Fitness Treadmill Reviews4
star-trac-logoStar Trac Treadmill Reviews4
smooth_fitnessSmooth Fitness Treadmill Reviews4
Yowza-Fitness-Logo-400Yowza Fitness Treadmill Reviews4
Bowflex Logo transparentBowflex Treadmill Reviews4
VIS_logoVision Treadmill Reviews4
FMlogo_blackFreeMotion Fitness Reviews4
True-Logo-500-NBGTrue Fitness Treadmill Reviews4
Bh+FitnessBH Fitness Treadmill Reviews4
logo20143G Cardio Treadmill Reviews4
171_16Golds Gym Treadmill Reviews3
fuel-fitness-brand-catergory-logoFuel Treadmill Reviews3
Endurance_logoEndurance Treadmill Reviews3
reebok_logo_detailReebok Treadmill Reviews3
4be068bfc6835ad4bb05573e782e996bHealthRider Treadmill Reviews3
bladez-logoBladez Treadmill Reviews3
SportsArt_GrayGreen_logoSportsArt Treadmill Reviews3
Spirit-Fitness-Logo-1024x288Spirit Treadmill Reviews3
searsSears Treadmill Reviews3
4547c653c88cd630d2c2b6662ba78090AFG Treadmill Reviews3
darkgraylogoXterra Fitness Treadmill Reviews3
epic-fitness-logoEpic Treadmill Reviews2
96Merit Treadmill Reviews2
ironman-logoIronman Treadmill Reviews2
SchwinnFitness-vertical-color-logo2Schwinn Treadmill Reviews1
livestrong-logo-960Livestrong Treadmill Reviews1
logo_wesloWeslo Treadmill Reviews1
Confidence Treadmill Reviews1
As you can see I picked five top treadmill brands and gave them five-stars rating, so you can think they are the best treadmill brands for home use, gym use, and workplace use or they are just the best treadmill brands in the world like NordicTrack.  Actually, this top does not show the popularity of these brands of treadmills, in my opinion, Weslo is the most popular treadmill brand, but it had a really bad quality for its products and it’s probably due to the prices of Weslo Treadmills. This treadmill brands list just represent a quality of a particular brand and top treadmill brands have the best ones. Even if you have a look at top ten treadmill brands and you already have some knowledge about treadmills at all, you can find some unpopular brands like Cybex or Landice (I am sincerely sorry if I am wrong), but they also have quality treadmills for their rank categories. If you are looking for gym treadmill brands, I suggest you to consider buying the NordicTrack, Nautilus or Sole treadmills. They are directed for creating the treadmills for gym, so the most necessary quality for them is to be the most reliable treadmills brands. In case, you are looking for the best-branded treadmill for home or just for yourself, you can be confident any of brands in this top, just you must remember to check the reviews on Amazon and my website. In my article about Folding Treadmill, you can choose the compact treadmill which is so suitable for home or even desk treadmill if you want the branded treadmill for work. I hope this list and brief description help you to find your own treadmill which is good for you. Click on the links to learn more about brands you are interested in. Update: I’ve been considering to expand this post and create more top lists for brands which more suitable for gyms, professionals or beginners and so on. But instead of doing so, I’ve decided to create more post for each of category, because not everyone can find it in such a long post. So here’s the continuation of “treadmill brands” series:

These links might give you better understanding which best treadmill brands to buy. If you want me to add another brand category, please leave a comment below.

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