Life_Fitness_logo.svg Life Fitness is one of the older brands, coming out of the 1970s and they have a reputation for creating top quality treadmills. The brand features a combination of expensive and affordable treadmills, but most of their treadmills do include industrial parts that add that extra bit of durability but will also send the price a little bit higher. The treadmills all have that club feeling and you will immediately feel like you have a great treadmill in your home to help you get into the world of fitness. We have explored the Life Fitness brand to see what you can expect from their treadmills an how effective they really are. We have also done all of the legwork when it comes to the features, which means that you will know exactly which features are the most important and how these features could potentially benefit you. Here’s a list of best Life Fitness treadmills for sale which is reviewed in this article:

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Key features to expect in the Life Fitness treadmills

Before we simply just dive in and assess the top treadmills, it is also important for you to know a little more about the features and how these features work. Each treadmill brand has their own features that offer benefits and we have looked for the Life Fitness features to see what you can expect to find for your money. Here are the top features of the Life Fitness treadmills:

  • Motor: Life Fitness features some of the quietest motors on the market today. These motors are also smooth and easy to use and they feature MagnaDrive systems that offer you all of these benefits. Depending on the treadmill, you will have either a 3 or 4 HP motor that will help you get top speeds of around 12 MPH and work on your fast-paced running.
  • Incline: Many of the newer model Life Fitness treadmills all include the incline feature. The incline feature can be raised to a maximum of 15% and all of this can also be done on the console. If you want to increase your metabolic rate, the incline will be a sure way for you to do it without really noticing the difference in your exercise.
  • Cushioning: Cushioning is fundamentally important and this is even more so for the heavier individuals. Having good cushioning will reduce the strain on your joints and ankles. Life Fitness treadmills all include the FlexDeck system that helps absorb the shock as your workout and tests have shown that it is capable of reducing up to 30% of the shock felt through your joints.
  • Durability: These treadmills thrive on the durability and the company does put a lot of emphasis on the materials used in the construction. For the most part, these treadmills are made from commercial grade materials and even the smaller ones will still have that club-quality feel to them.
  • Track sizes: The sizes also play a major part when it comes to comfort in a treadmill and Life Fitness has included some of the bigger sizes for their treadmills. The sizes will range from 55-6- inches long, while the width is generally 20-20 inches wide. This makes it perfect for any individuals and with a staggering average weight limit of around 400-pounds, you can be sure that even the bigger friends in the family can use it.
  • Folding: There are a couple of Life Fitness treadmills that can be folded. The folding treadmills are much smaller and this also means that they are a little cheaper. This also makes the treadmills perfect for those with limited space in the home and we would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for smaller and effective treadmill to get the job done.
  • Consoles: Life Fitness has put a lot of emphasis and hard work into their consoles and the consoles all contain multiple different workout programs. The top consoles also include around 13-13 different workout programs that will keep you from getting bored and help you to push yourself to the next level.
  • Warranties: The Life Fitness brand is expensive and this also means that They have to include something to give the buyers some peace of mind. This is where the great warranties come into play and these warranties range up to 10 years for the frames and the motors. The smaller parts might not have such exceptional warranties, but you will still be covered most of the times.
  • Safety: Safety is something that should always be taken really seriously and they have implemented it perfectly into the Life Fitness treadmills. Electronic safety locks are incorporated into most of the designed and this is great for keeping children and even your pets from getting seriously injured. The treadmill also features an emergency stop if you feel uncomfortable working out on it.
  • Desk design: if you are someone who loves spending time at work or you work from home, the desk design treadmill from Life Fitness will help you save time and allow you to be a little more active whilst working out. The desk design is smaller and ergonomically designed, which makes it perfect for you to move if needed.

While all of these features are great to have, the Life Fitness treadmills are also quite expensive to own. These features are similar to what you will find in your local club, but now you can also have all of these features in the comfort of your home, the standout feature is definitely the quiet motor and it is also worth mentioning that the consoles are touchscreen for the op high-end models.

Top Life Fitness treadmills on the market

Now that you have a better understanding of these treadmills and which features are the most prominent, you might be wondering which of their treadmills are the best. Luckily, we have done all the legwork to ensure that you are able to simply sit back, read the reviews and choose the perfect Life Fitness treadmill for your home. Here are the top Life Fitness treadmills of 2017:

Top Life Fitness Treadmills of 2017 Reviewed

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill

The Life Fitness Club Series treadmill is first on our list and even though it is one of the most expensive options, it is made from commercial grade materials and should be perfect for small club owners to start out with. The treadmill features a 4 HP motor and it is extremely quiet and smooth, whilst providing you with decent top speeds. The flex deck shock absorption system has been included and this will reduce the strain placed on your joints by up to 30%, while the wider tread belt is perfect for bigger individuals to get started. The console features multiple top programs to keep you from getting bored and it also includes a charging port for your smartphone. It is quite durable and features a maximum weight of 400 pounds, but the console is lacking in terms of tracking stats and you will need to navigate towards the stats for an accurate reading. However, the console will remember your favorite programs and this makes it easier when you need to have a quick workout. This treadmill is quite expensive, but it is also backed by the standard Life Fitness warranty that gives you peace of mind. We would recommend it to the club owners or to the more advanced fitness professionals for their homes. You will also need to pay for expert assembly when you ship the treadmill. Pros:

  • Durable
  • Smooth and quiet motor
  • Multiple different programs
  • 400-pound weight limit


  • Really expensive
  • Lacks good stat tracking

Life Fitness T3 Go Treadmill

The Life Fitness T3 Go Treadmill is a stylish and durable treadmill made from top quality materials. It also includes a decent motor and the patented FlexDeck system to reduce the strain placed on your joints when working out. It is capable of reaching top speeds of up to 12 MPH and this should be ideal for runners. Compared to the previous models, this treadmill is much easier to navigate on the console and it includes multiple different workout programs that will help you reach your goals when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Additionally, it includes an energy saving mode that will save some power when you are not on the treadmill. Finally, the treadmill includes cup holders and an additional accessory mount for you to keep all of your belongings close by when working out. It features the same great warranty found in other top Life Fitness treadmills and this should give you some peace of mind before purchasing. Unfortunately, it is also quite expensive, but much cheaper than some of the other top models, you will definitely get great value for your money and we would recommend it to moiré advanced runners and fitness enthusiasts. Pros:

  • Durable commercial grade materials
  • Decent sock absorption easy to navigate console
  • Includes an accessory mount and large cup holders
  • Great warranty


  • Expensive
  • Cannot be self-assembled

Life Fitness T5 Go Treadmill

The Life Fitness T5 Go Treadmill is one of the top choices on our list and it fits perfectly in between the treadmill you will buy for your club and the treadmill for your home. With a top-ranked motor, the treadmill will give you top speeds of up to 12 MPH and the larger 22 x 60-inch tread belt is ideal for the avid runner and fitness enthusiasts. The treadmill includes an electronic incline to help you when it comes to getting more out of your workout and the console is easy to manipulate and navigate. It includes the energy saving feature that will keep you from wasting power when the treadmill is not in use and this will shut off the treadmill when you are away from it. While it is still one of the more expensive models, we would definitely recommend it for the avid runner and fitness enthusiast. With a decent warranty, you will also have peace of mind, but it is also worth mentioning that the treadmill cannot be self-assembled. This treadmill will also be perfect for use in smaller clubs. Pros:

  • Commercial grade design
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Decent console
  • Sock absorbing system included


  • Expensive
  • Cannot be self-assembled

Life Fitness T5 Track Treadmill

One of the top Life Fitness treadmills is the T5 Track treadmills and while it is designed from commercial grade materials, the stylish and sleek design definitely sets it apart from the rest of the treadmills on the list. It includes the same top quality motor and will also give you tops speeds of up to 12 MPH. The console is the main selling point and the various programs are ideal for changing up your routine from time to time. You will also be able to customize many of your programs and these can be saved for future use. The FlexDeck technology can be adjusted to ensure that you have the cushioning you desire without hindering your performance. We also love the marathon mode and if you are one of the top marathon runners, this treadmill will certainly be one of your favorites. It is still really expensive, but for all of these features and the great warranty, we would recommend it to be used in clubs and smaller gyms. It is also worth mentioning that the treadmill is compatible with all android devices. Pros:

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Includes marathon mode
  • Adjustable cushioning
  • Smooth and quiet motor


  • Not compatible with IOS devices

Life Fitness F1 Smart Treadmill

The Life Fitness F1 Smart Treadmill is a smaller treadmill designed to be used ergonomically in the smaller houses. The treadmill is quite durable and made from commercial grade materials with a great motor that will give you top speeds of up to 12 MPH as well. The console is easy to navigate and you will clearly see all of your stats while working out. The console also contains multiple different programs, but you can create your own custom workouts. The console will also remember these programs and you can easily use them for your future workout routines or just for a quick workout. It is compatible with all IOS devices and you could integrate your iPod to ensure that you have music to listen to or even a few motivational videos to keep you going while you are working out. The maximum weight limit is around 300 pounds and this will be ideal for larger beginners with the patented FlexDeck technology to take the strain off your joints. It is one of the more affordable options from Life Fitness and you will also have peace of mind with the top quality warranty that has been included. We would definitely recommend this treadmill to anyone looking to get into the fitness world and reduce their body fat or even weight. Pros:

  • Well-designed
  • Easy to use console
  • 300-pound weight limit
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reasonably priced


  • Cannot be self-assembled
  • Console does lag occasionally

Life Fitness Treadmill Desk

Last but certainly not least, we have the Life Fitness Treadmill Desk design and this is certainly one of the more versatile options on the market. While the treadmill is designed from top quality commercial grade materials, it is also portable and easy to move if needed and you can use it in your office at home whilst working on your desk. The treadmill features an extremely quiet and smooth motor that will give you great workout experience when working in the office. While it is not specifically designed for running, the treadmill can be used for light jogging when working and this should ensure that you have a great workout experience in your home office. The console is portable and can be used as you are busy on your desk. While tracking stats can be a little harder, you can adjust the speed and even connect devices through the USB ports. It can also be used on the internet if you are looking to find a few videos that might get you inspired when working out in the office. The price is quite affordable and while it might not have all of the features that you might expect to find in the larger treadmills, we would still recommend it to the avid workaholic and fitness lover. The treadmill will help you save some time during the day and you can enjoy a decent workout whilst finishing up with your job. Pros:

  • Ergonomic and durable design
  • Portable
  • Really affordable
  • Compatible with IOS and Android devices


  • Lacks some of the top programs

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have found the ideal Life Fitness treadmill that meets your needs. The Life Fitness brand also includes the refurbished Life fitness models and these are a little cheaper, but still made from the same quality materials as the other top models. Choosing the best treadmill is not easy and while all of these features their very own unique features, we would like to recommend the Life Fitness T5 Go Treadmill. It is still quite expensive when compared to the others, but will be ideal for your home, club or smaller gym. Finally, we would like to encourage you to let us know in the comment section below what you think of the treadmills on our list and if we might have missed any of your favorite options from the Life Fitness brand.

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