CybexSignatureLogo Cybex is one of the world leaders when it comes to designing premium treadmills for the general public. These products are mostly made in the USA and they also have great service technicians in the US. Cybex treadmills are generally made for commercial purposes which mean that they must be durable and made from quality materials to handle all the traffic that gyms face on a daily basis. We have decided to look a little closer at the top Cybex treadmills as well as a few of the features that make them stand out from the rest of the competition. These treadmills are not only designed for premium use but when you get one inside your house, you can be sure that you are paying for quality and you are assured to get great value for your money. Here’s a list of best Cybex Treadmills which is reviewed in this article:

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We have also looked at a few of the key features that are included in these treadmills and they are generally the same as some of the other high-end manufacturers with the only difference being the huge monitors and the great value that they will give you for your money. These features should give you a brief overview of what to expect when purchasing a Cybex Treadmill.

Top Features included in most Cybex Treadmills

All manufacturers will try and design new and unique treadmills to help them stand out from the competition. Cybex features are very good and they have been designed for the purpose of commercial use and making the customer in the gym feel as welcome as possible when they are working out. Here are a few key features you can expect to find in these treadmills:

  • Motors: The motors are probably one of the main highlights when it comes to a Cybex Treadmill. These treadmills have huge and powerful motors of 5.0 HP. These treadmills are capable of delivering up to 1000 pounds of thrust and could potentially help you to improve speed as well as fitness.
  • Top Speeds: These treadmills have great high speeds of up to 12MPH. One of their treadmills also has a top speed of around 15.6 MPH, which should be more than enough for professional use as well.
  • Incline: These treadmills all feature a brilliant incline and they will maintain most of their speeds during this incline. The steepest incline on these treadmills are capable of reaching 20% but, the others will all be around 15%. The incline can automatically be controlled with the console and this will make it so much easier for you at home and for your customers in the gym.
  • Tread belt size: The tread belts on these treadmills are designed to make life easier for the runners. These tread belts are generally in the sizes of 60 x 20-inches and should make life so much easier for you. This will be extremely comfortable for the runners and ensure that you are capable of reaching those top speeds.
  • Cushioning: These treadmills all feature great cushioning to help reduce some of the strain that has been put on your joints. These suspension systems are called IS3 and they have different levels of firmness for the cushioning that they provide. This suspension will certainly help to reduce any risks of injuries and also promote even more endurance.
  • Console: The consoles on these treadmills are quite large and this means that they will be ideal for all members of your club. These treadmills are also compatible with iPods and iPhones and will allow you to use the apps on these devices to help you with stat tracking. Multiple advanced programs have also been added to the console to help you when it comes to working out and getting results.
  • Safety: Cybex takes safety seriously and this is one of the main features they are focussing on with these treadmills as well as convenience. The treadmills all have been equipped with safety lanyards to help ensure that you have maximum comfort when working out. Advanced high-quality deck contouring has also been used to scan the entirety of the treadmill and see whether or not it has any problems.
  • Warranty: Finally, these treadmills also include great high-quality warranties that will keep you protected for prolonged periods of time. The warranties are 2 years for labor and services, 5 years for parts and 10 years for the frame. This should be enough for you and your members to use in the club.

These are the main features that will set the Cybex treadmills apart from the rest of the field. These treadmills are really expensive and we have not included the price as you will need to be willing to pay if you want really good quality and value for your money. These features are quite unique in terms of their overall durability and functionality of the treadmills and they should be perfect for almost any occasion. That being said, here are the top Cybex Treadmills of 2017:

Best Cybex Treadmills of 2017 Reviewed

Cybex 770T Treadmill

The Cybex 770T Treadmill is one of the most expensive treadmills we have ever reviewed. This treadmill has been designed from commercial grade parts and it is generally one of the top treadmills that can be found in the expensive and high-end gyms. The treadmill excels in terms of durability and works load and it has a maximum weight limit of around 400lbs. A shock absorbing suspension has also been added and this will ensure that you are capable of getting the most out of the treadmill in terms of reducing fatigue and taking the strain off your joints. Stability bars have also been added and this will certainly help to keep you safe when you feel tired and ensure that you can run comfortably. This treadmill also has a few downsides and most of them will be the price and the cost of fixing them once the parts do give in. The treadmill does have a 5-year part warranty but, the labor is only for 1 year. This means that you will pay a lot extra when it comes to services and keeping your treadmill up. This treadmill also requires expert assembly due to the fact that the finer parts are very important. The treadmill is really expensive as we have already mentioned but, it is also extremely functional and designed to give you great value for your money. This treadmill will be highly recommended to individuals looking to improve the quality of the current treadmills that have been found at their clubs. Pros:

  • Great durability
  • Excellent console
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Great warranty


  • Services and cost are quite expensive
  • Needs expert assembly

Cybex 625T Treadmill

The Cybex 625T Treadmill is another top treadmill that should be perfect for commercial use. The treadmill has also been constructed from extremely durable materials and they will certainly be ideal for heavy users. This treadmill is also really good in terms of durability and the amount of weight that it can take. The treadmill has a maximum weight limit of 400lbs. The same shock absorbing suspension system has also been included in this treadmill and this will ensure that you are not drained after running for a short period of time. If you have bad knees or ankle joints, this treadmill will also be perfect for you to help relieve some of the tension and keep you going for longer. The treadmill has been designed with multiple programs that will help you to achieve your goals of getting fitter and losing some weight. The treadmill also has the same warranty as most other Cybex treadmills and the best of them will be the additional 2 years that you receive on the parts. This treadmill will give you a warranty of 7 years on the parts. This treadmill is still expensive, but it is one of the cheaper Cybex treadmills that you could buy on the market today. The treadmill will be a great and affordable option for those looking into buying a great new treadmill for their clubs. We would also recommend it as the ideal premium treadmill to bring into your home. Pros:

  • Rugged and durable
  • Decent console and stat tracking
  • Weight limit of 400lbs
  • Great warranty


  • Really expensive

Final Thoughts

As you might have noticed in this article, Cybex is primarily designed for commercial use and their treadmills are quite expensive as well. We would not really think that they will be your best option when it comes to your home but, they can be used for this purpose if you feel the need. These treadmills are 2 of their top treadmills that will help ensure that you get great value for your money. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have managed to find the ideal treadmill that will meet your needs. Please drop us a comment in the comment section below to let us know if you think we have missed any of your favourite Cybex treadmil

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