df87454f9f6e1d2ae2ee3a910c70af90.w980.h290._CR0,0,980,290_ Bladez fitness is treadmill multi-national company which create quality products for over 100 years. This company focuses on mid-priced treadmills for home. The Bladez products include not only treadmill, but also ellipticals, upright bicycles, recumbent bicycles, indoor training cycles, whole body vibration platforms around the globe.
Currently, Bladez Fitness produces only 3 treadmills: T500i Treadmill, T300i Treadmill, Synapse ST7iB Treadmill where first two can incline and be folded. Unfortunately, Synapse ST7iB Treadmill, the cheapest treadmill of Bladez fitness company, does not have this features. Below you find details about this three treadmills:

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Bladez Fitness T500i Treadmill Review 61MuGgVgqyL._SL1500_ Bladez Fitness T500i treadmill is the best treadmill of Bladez company. It has i.Concept Technology which allows you to interact with treadmill by your phone or tablet through the app which this technology provides. Speaking about the features, it has Spacious Deck (The large 20″ x 60″ running surface which is quite enough place for comfortable workout) and Strong and Quiet 3.5 HP DC motor which provides the range of speed between 1 and 12 MPH without almost any noise. Convenient Handrail Controls allow to automatically adjust speed and incline by pressing convenient button and, in additional, 16 Built-in Programs, Integrated Muscle Display and Body Fat Calculator will not let you get bored. Heart Rate Compatibility help you to remaind the same rate during whole running and not to let your heart overexert. Active Flex suspension technology allows for a low-impact, shock-absorbing landing with firm push off for comfort and efficiency. Finally, you can use Bladez Fitness T500i as charger or even MP3 player!

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Bladez Fitness T300i Treadmill Review


Bladez Fitness T300i Treadmill is second treadmill of Bladez and have almost the same features with a few exceptions. It has also i.Concept Technology to connect your treadmill with your devices, Spacious Deck, but a little bit shorter (20″ x 55″ running surface) and a little bit weaker motor than Bladez Fitness T500i treadmill. Other things like Convenient Handrail Controls, 16 Built-in Programs with Body Fat Calculator, Muscle Engagement Display, Heart Rate Compatibility, Active Flex Suspension and surely charging and playing music from your devices. In my opinion, the ratio of price and quality of this model is better than another one above.

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Bladez Synapse ST7iB Treadmill Review


Bladez Synapse ST7iB Treadmill is the cheapest model of Bladez treadmills, but it is still good, it is just a budget option (actually, it is not so cheap, there is a treadmills even less than $100, you can check it in article about cheap treadmills) if you want to buy treadmill this company. The different between Bladez Synapse ST7iB Treadmill and Bladez Fitness T500i treadmill is that Bladez Synapse ST7iB has  20″ x 57″ running surface and you can’t even see different in 3″, lack of Convenient Handrail Controls (what is quite sorrowfully) and charging and playing music from your devices what is not so important at all. Unexpectedly, it has more power motor than Bladez Fitness T300i Treadmill which cost more money.

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In my experience, all of this treadmills does not cost their money and I suggest you to have a look at other brands which you can find in this article. If you had only opportunity to choose between this three treadmills, I would choose Bladez Synapse ST7iB Treadmill, but for this money you can buy much better.

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