BodyCraft Bodycraft is one of the oldest treadmill brand which was found in 1994 and produce high quality products. Its products are mostly gym equipment, but also suitable for home gym which is becoming more and more popular. It produces rowing machines, bikes, functional trainers, Benches and Racks, Jones Machines, special training systems for home gym and surely treadmills. Currently, Bodycraft has the new Blu Series for sale which contains 3 treadmill: Bodycraft Blu Series 800m, Bodycraft Blu Series 400m, Bodycraft Blu Series 200m. Their features and brief review, and also my verdict you can see below.

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Bodycraft Blu Series 800m Review

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Bodycraft Blu Series 800m is Bodycraft’s number one treadmill which was introduced in 2015 year. It is the great choice for home usage as well as for gym. Furthermore, it has 12 years warranty for home use and 5 for Light Commercial. Its speed range is 0.5-12 mph with 0.1 mph increment which is given by powerful 3.0 HP motor. Also, it has automatic incline up to 15% and Cushioning which protect your joints and make your workout comfortable. Speaking about running surface, it is quite long 63″ track with standard 20″ width. Like most of treadmills nowadays, Bodycraft Blu Series 800m has quite a lot of preset programs and Heart Rate Device. It is absolutely great choice for gym owners and people who want to buy high quality and durability product.

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Bodycraft Blu Series 400m Review

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Unlike Bodycraft Blu Series 800m,  Bodycraft Blu Series 400m is mostly for home use and has no warranty for gym use. The most visible difference between the treadmills is that second one is a little bit shorter (Running Surface is 20″W x 58″L). Also, the speed range is 0.5-11 mph what is 1 mph less and the maximum incline is 12%.  The Cushioning and the panel of treadmill is exactly the same as the more expensive models. The programs (by the way, Bodycraft’s treadmills support custom programs and heart rate controlled programs). My verdict for this treadmill is that it is good model for its price ($2000-$2500) and is still suitable for gym, but, unfortunately,  does not have warranty for this.

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Bodycraft Blu Series 200m Review

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Even Bodycraft Blu Series 200m is the cheapest model of Bodycraft, it kept a lot from expensive models. It has absolutely the same as  Bodycraft Blu Series 400m and even has the same length of track, but 200m model is more likely for walking and jogging rather than running. The maximum speed of the treadmill is 10mph and the maximum incline is 10%. It has only 3 programs when two older models has 16 and unexpectedly does not have Heart Rate Device in it. Overall, it is good Bodycraft model for home use, but, you can do the research and find more powerful and heaped treadmills!

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 In conclusion, I want to describe Bodycraft company as of one of the most reliable treadmill company. They produce the high quality and high-tech treadmills with long warranty, but the prices are a little bit high than they cost. This article has been written as one of the series of articles about treadmill brands.

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