31xXGXT+vELNot everyone has special room where they can do sport and even does not have enough space at home to keep the treadmill at home. Fortunately, most treadmills are compact which means they take less place than in the the unfolded state, even there are the treadmills that folds under bed. I think it is very convenient to keep compact treadmill under bed. In this article, I show you all the types of compact treadmills and their pros and cons.The first type of space saver treadmills is specialized type of treadmills which, as I mentioned before, give you opportunity to keep your treadmill under bed or any other places because it is completely folded and has the form of board. The compact treadmills are the typical treadmills with the same features except the lightweight which make the treadmill more portable. Unfortunately, I have found only two treadmills of this type and if you are not satisfied with these treadmills, see more below.Another kind of space saving treadmill is Folding Treadmills. It is less portable than the treadmills above, but it is still saves space. In addition, most of new treadmills (70-80%) have folding feature, so just check the description of treadmill that you like. And below, I left you some popular and best folding treadmills, but also, for more details, visit article about Best Folding Treadmills:And the Standing Desk Treadmill which can be easily transferred anywhere. There is a big con, because Standing Desk Treadmills do not have a screen with menu and you have to use computer to control them. But there are a pros, and one of them is that you just need to put Standing Desk Treadmill under almost any desk and you can start working and walking simultaneously.

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