Bh+Fitness BH Fitness is a company that originally started out in Spain and it was established by 2 brothers who had been developing steel products. The name BH stands for Beistegui Hermanos and it has been established by 2 brothers. The fitness division of this brand was established in the 1960’s and since then they have been developing a full range of fitness equipment. The brand caught mainstream attention for their role in The Biggest Loser competitions and thanks to them, these individuals were able to lose weight on international television. They also have a wide range of treadmills and we have decided to give them a go and see what their treadmills are all about. This will allow you to see if the treadmills will meet your needs as well. Here’s a list of best BH Fitness treadmills for sale which is reviewed in this article:

Key Features to Expect In the BH Fitness Treadmills

Most brands that we see come out of the Far East or the US and this makes them easier to understand and some of the features are generally the same as well. Since this brand is from Spain, you might be wondering which benefits they will offer you. Here is the complete list of features you could find in their treadmills:

  • Motors: The treadmills have strong and durable motors and these motors will be in the range of 2.5 – 5 HP, giving you a ton of power to work with as you look to improve your fitness or simply just take a stroll to cool down.
  • Tracks: These treadmills have some of the widest tracks you will see on any treadmill and this is certainly a great benefit for anyone looking for a new treadmill and looking to lose some weight. The tracks range are generally in the range of 63 x 22-inches, giving you ample space for freely working out.
  • Consoles: The consoles are where the treadmills really hit their stride and thanks to the i.Concept technology, all the consoles can be connected to either Android or Apple devices. Connecting is easy with Bluetooth and transferring your data to your preferred app is definitely a way to go.
  • Inclines: Most of these treadmills also feature an incline feature and this enables you to workout a little more with less effort and time. The inclines on most of these treadmills will range between 12 and 15%, making them perfect for all users to improve fitness.
  • Folding ability: These treadmills can be folded as well and thanks to the ability to be folded, they can be out of the way with ease. The folding ability enables you to save space and opens up the opportunity for those with smaller apartments to also make the investment if you love this brand.
  • Additional Extras: These treadmills also include a couple ofa additional extra features and these features will make the treadmill feel like something that you find at your local gym in terms of the design and the overall quality. Folding racks and water bottle holders have all been included with these treadmills.
  • Warranties: The treadmills also include impeccable warranties and with 10-year warranties on the frame and the motor, you will certainly be able to get great value for your money. These warranties should be a great way for you to have some peace of mind as well before you buy the treadmill.

While there are many more features that might be subtle and give you a great advantage, these are some of the more prominent features that offer you great value for your money. When buying a treadmill, these are also some of the features that we recommend you look for to ensure the best value for your money.

Drawbacks of the BH Fitness Treadmills

While this treadmill brand does have a ton of great features, there are bound to be a couple of drawbacks as nothing in life can be perfect. During the testing process, we came across a couple of these drawbacks and here are a couple of the main drawbacks that you should know about before choosing a BH Fitness treadmill.

  • Stability: Some of the models do lack a little bit of stability and this is something that you will need to deal with when selecting one of their treadmills. One thing we have found to look at is the weight and if the treadmill is too light, you might have some overall stability issues to deal with.
  • Price: The other main concern is the price and unfortunately, these treadmills are rather expensive and you need to know this. However, they are expensive, but will still offer you some of the best value for your money when you invest in one of them. It is also worth noting that the cheapest one is not the best either.

While these drawbacks might be somewhat problematic, we have not really found them to be extremely concerning. These treadmills can be found in many clubs as they offer great quality and value to the users.

Best BH Fitness Treadmills of 2017 Reviewed

While finding some of their treadmills are not always easy and the shipping is sometimes a problem since they are headquartered in Spain, we have managed to find one of their top treadmills and had the fortune of testing it out to see it is one of the top treadmills for you or not. Here is the top BH Fitness treadmill we would recommend to all users.

BH Fitness LK700Ti Commercial Treadmill

The BH Fitness LK700Ti Commercial Treadmill is one of the top treadmills they have on the market today. It is marketed as one of the commercial treadmills that you would find in most health clubs, but thanks to the commercial grade materials, it also makes a great treadmill that can be used in your home when it comes to durability. With a track size of 22 x 63-inches, the treadmill offers you a ton of space and this will be ideal for the larger users. With a massive 5 HP motor, this treadmill also offers you great speeds that can be achieved and you have the ability to reach an incline of between 12 and 15%. It also includes all the additional extras found in commercial grade treadmills like the cooling fans and the water bottle stands. With i.Connect, this treadmill can connect to both your Android and your Apple devices, making it the ideal option for those looking to count calories and also track the amount of calories that have been burned during the day. It features 17 different workout programs that have all been professionally designed to help you reach your goal. The only downside is the price and it is no surprise that this is one of the most expensive treadmills on the market today. It might not really fit your budget if you are a someone working out casually, but should offer you great benefits if you are a fitness enthusiast. This is also the reason we would recommend this to fitness clubs and those serious about it. Pros:

  • Extremely durable and solid design
  • Connects to both Apple and Android
  • Massive 5 HP motor
  • Includes 17 stunning programs


  • Really expensive

Final Verdict

While this brand might not be for everyone, it is certainly one of the top brands that you could look into if you are searching for quality and value for your money. We would definitely recommend their treadmills, but due to the price, they are more for the advanced fitness lovers. They should also be perfect for your fitness studio or club. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on this brand. Please let us know in the comment section if you think the brand is for you, or if you have had any experiences with using one of their treadmills. We definitely look forward to reading some more of your comments

2 thoughts on “Best BH Fitness Treadmill Reviews 2022

  1. Aneela says:

    I just encountered the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. EXTREMELY unprofessional, unhelpful, not willing to make a loyal paying customer of years of relationship and to constantly encounter the same problem over and over again. We are located in Canada our billing address and shipping address are different always our parts get cancelled without any pre-warning or take measures to help sort the issue. Out cust waiting for parts since Aug/2019. Asked to keep customer happy to expedite shipping since was not aware of cancelled order and talked to first Lilliana rep who transferred me to service manager “SUSAN M” (would not give a full name but said only one susan there) the 3day shipping was costing $600 US and said would not do anything to cover. The company should be called BS Fitness, not BH. I will go out of my way to educate my customers to buy TRUE for their excellent customer care staff NEVER will I ever recommend this Bull $hit company EVER.

  2. Terri says:

    Customer Service and Quality Service people are incompetent. They don’t know their job or stand by their warranty. I had a small fix and they ignored me until I had to give up and move on to another brand. Very unprofessional. Don’t waste your money!

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