If you are looking for a decent family brand or a brand that will offer you a wide variety of different treadmills, Sears is definitely the brand to choose. They offer a wide variety of different treadmills for the average fitness enthusiast all the way to the beginner looking to make their mark or simply just lose some weight.

As one of the most famous online stores, we decided to look a little deeper at Sears and find out exactly how their treadmills selection works and what you could expect when you visit their online store. Off the bat, we could mention them as one of the best treadmill distributors on the market with their wide selection and variety.

Key Features to Expect From Sears Treadmills

As with the other brands, we have reviewed, Sears also offers a couple of different features that will set them apart from the rest of the competition. Once you purchase a Sears treadmill, you will have a couple of these features that you could use. However, this will also depend on the specific range that you are investing in. Here are the main features to be found in the Sears treadmills.

  • Variety: Sears offers some of the widest variety of treadmills on the market. They will match virtually any price point that you can afford and this also means that you could get a treadmill that meets your specific needs without overpaying.
  • Easy to obtain: Convenience is something focused on a lot by Sears and once you have purchased one of the treadmills, you could easily obtain it with shipping or by picking it up in their store. They also offer expert assembly to help you have the treadmill in the right working condition before using it.
  • Prices: One thing we found about the prices from Sears is that they actually compete with those of the manufacturers. They might be slightly more expensive, but it might sometimes be easier to go through them if you are looking for a specific treadmill or brand.
  • Special Payment options: Sometimes the manufacturer will want the full amount or they will make it somewhat impossible for you to afford a treadmill. Sears will eliminate this and you will be able to find the ideal treadmill with the right payment plan to make life a little easier for you.
  • Additional Extras: We all want stuff for free and this is a major draw from Sears. They offer great bundle packages that will enable you to get additional items for free when you purchase one of their treadmills. Sears is definitely a brand that you will love if you like having a few free items that can be used on your treadmill.

These are the five main features that you can expect to find from Sears when you purchase a treadmill through them. The online store is also extremely easy to navigate and if you have any queries, the customer support is extremely helpful to ensure that you do find what you are looking for in your treadmill.

Drawbacks of Sears Treadmills

Nothing in the world is perfect and we all have some flaws that might eventually show and damage our reputation. Sears is no different and even though they are sellers, they still have a couple of drawbacks that you need to be aware off when you are looking onto their treadmills. Here are a couple of the drawbacks:

  • Shipping: Not all of their treadmills can be shipped directly to your home and this is especially true if you are in rural areas. The treadmills are then shipped to your nearest Sears store where you need to pick them up.
  • Additional Warranties: While the manufacturer does offer warranties, Sears will also offer a couple of warranties of their own. The problem with this is, unfortunately, the price and Sears treadmill do tend to be somewhat expensive. Having these warranties could be an additional cover if you feel the need.
  • The models are old: Unfortunately, Sears does take quite a while to have latest models in store and some of the lines they have are incomplete. Sears will have something you need, it might not be the one you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Sears can definitely be seen as a great online merchant and they will definitely have something that you could use in your home. If you are looking for a high-end treadmill, they will also offer you one, but as we have mentioned, you might not always find the specific model you are looking for. This is even more apparent if the model is new.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like to encourage you to share your thoughts on Sears if you have ever used them to find a treadmill. Please also let us know how you feel about the quality and the helpfulness of Sears.

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