Confidence Fitness treadmills are some of the most affordable treadmills on the market today. These treadmills are designed for the person of average income and they will surely allow you to get into the habit of exercising. The treadmills might seem really cheap, but they still have decent durability and will keep you going for a few years if they are looked after. We have decided to look a little deeper at these treadmills and find out exactly how they work and which ones are the best. In this article, you will learn a little more about the functionality of this brand. We have also chosen our selection of the top Confidence treadmills and how they could benefit you in your day to day training activities. Here’s a list of best Confidence treadmills for sale which is reviewed in this article:

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Key Features to consider when looking for a Confidence treadmill

As with all treadmills, the Confidence brand is also quite unique and they have a few different features that set them apart from the rest. We have looked at these features to ensure that we can tell you exactly how they work and for which type of people they would be perfect. Here are a few of the features that you could expect to have when purchasing a Confidence treadmill:

  • Motors: While these treadmills are not really well known for their extremely powerful motors, they are still powerful enough to give you great walking speeds. The treadmills will have a motor that ranges from between 1 and 1.5 HP. This does help bring down the costs and should allow you to get some decent speeds.
  • Foldable: Most of the Confidence treadmills can be folded and this means that you should not have any troubles when it comes to storing them. The folding function is easy to use and will not require any additional modifications. In terms of size, these treadmills are also quite small and they are designed to fit in your home quite snug, without taking up too much space.
  • Incline: Unfortunately, these treadmills do not include a decline feature, but they can be adjusted for incline uses. The incline should be done manually, but will still be effective enough when using them to get more calories burned and to get better results. The incline is not the very best, but we would still recommend this for lighter users.
  • Tread belt: The tread belt is fully motorized and this means that you will be able to keep a constant pace. No additional shock absorbing items have been added and this could cause some joint pain. These treadmills should be perfect for lighter use and the designs might not hold up for the more experienced heavy duty user.
  • Lightweight: the Confidence Fitness ranges of treadmills are really lightweight and this means that they can easily be moved. The treadmills weight in at around 60-70 pounds and this will mean that they really versatile and compact.
  • Durability: These treadmills are quite smooth and silent and they feature decent durability for the right users. The maximum weight limit is quite low and this means that they will not be perfect for bigger users looking to lose weight. The frame will certainly hold up for casual use, but we do have our doubts when it comes to vigorous training.
  • Price: The best part about the Confidence treadmills is the price. These treadmills are really affordable and they can be bought by most new fitness enthusiasts. The treadmills can be bought with an electric motor or the magnetic resistance and the price will certainly be different depending on which one you choose. These treadmills will definitely be recommended for newcomers to the industry.
  • Console: These treadmills do not have the most advanced consoles and you will need to have the workout programs planned before you start. The console is still capable of tracking the basic stats and this should certainly be a great way for you to see how you have progressed and where you still need to go.
  • Warranty: These treadmills might not have the best warranties and we have not seen them as high as many of the more advanced brands. They should still keep you protected for up to 1 year and this does not include services. If you choose the magnetic treadmill, you need not worry about having the motor serviced and this could save you some additional money.
  • Assembly: Unfortunately, these treadmills do require some assembly. The assembly can really add a lot to the price and if you are skilled in assembling these products yourself, that will be a great way for you save some additional cash. The assembly is also only a once off expense.

These 10 features are the main features that you can expect to get when purchasing a Confidence treadmill. These features might be small, but once you put them all together and you look at the cheaper price, you will find that you are actually making a bargain purchase and getting great value for your money. The assembly might be the only thing that could cost you extra.

Best Confidence Treadmills of 2017 Reviewed

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

The Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill is the first one on our list and it designed with a magnetic tread belt that will put all of the control in your hands. The treadmill is really smooth and the design features 8 different magnetic levels that can be adjusted for you to improve and get more resistance to burn more calories. The console is quite basic and will track all of your basic stats. This includes the speed and the calories that could help you improve. Wheels have also been added to the design and this is great for transporting or moving the treadmill to wherever you need it in the house. Once you are done, you could simply just fold it up and store it somewhere out of the way. The treadmill is decent in terms of durability and it features a maximum weight limit of 220lbs. The 12-month warranty should ensure that you are protected for one year after the purchase, but you will still need to pay for additional parts if something should break. This treadmill is really affordable and we would highly recommend it for the price. The treadmill saves you a lot with the magnetic resistance. This treadmill will be ideal for lighter individuals and running on it hands-free is another great thing that we have found to be effective with this treadmill. Pros:

  • Quite and smooth tread belt
  • Foldable design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Decent console for beginners


  • Not for heavy duty use
  • Not the best warranty

Confidence Fitness Confidence Power Trac Treadmill

The Confidence Fitness Confidence Power Trac Treadmill is a stylish and fashionable small treadmill designed with a 1 HP motor. This treadmill is designed for the fast walker, but can also be ideal for the smaller and lighter runner. The top speed on this treadmill is around 6.2 MPH and this should be enough for running enthusiasts. The treadmill features a decent LED display that will show all the basic information that you need for your routine. The pre-selected speeds are great for varying up the workout and the 12 built-m programs are perfect for beginners who do not know where to get started. The treadmill also includes 3 manual incline settings that will be great for burning some additional calories. This treadmill is a little more durable and it is capable of carrying users of up to 265 pounds. When you are done with it, you can simply just fold it up and store it somewhere that is not in the way. An additional stop clip has also been added for emergencies and this should be ideal to keep you protected when getting tired. This treadmill is also really affordable and we would definitely recommend it for beginners and those who love improving their cardio vascularity with walking. The treadmill also features an extremely stylish black design that should be perfect for most homes and should easily match the décor. Pros:

  • Stylish and durable design
  • Decent top speed
  • Can be folded
  • Includes 12 built-in programs


  • The design and tread belts are quite narrow

Confidence GTR Power Pro 1100W Motorized Electric Treadmill with Adjustable Manual Incline

The Confidence GTR Power Pro 1100W Motorized Electric Treadmill is one of the more expensive Confidence treadmills that you will find on the market today. The treadmill features an electric motor that is around 1.5 HP and this will be perfect for getting better top speeds. One of the downsides is that the treadmill is quite noisy. The top speed on this treadmill is 7.5 MPH and it also includes a decent console with 12 built-in programs that will help you get started and get off to the right start. The treadmill is quite lightweight and compact and it weighs in at 62 pounds that should make it perfect for your home and to move where you need it. The design also allows that treadmill to be folded and the addition of wheels will make the transporting process that much easier. Unfortunately, you will need to have it expertly assembled to ensure you get everything perfectly in place. This could add to the costs and it would be better if you have self-assembly skills This treadmill is one of the top range Confidence treadmills and it designed for the real running enthusiast. Even though it is the most expensive, it will still be really cheap when compared to some of the other similar brands. We would definitely recommend this treadmill for those looking to improve fitness and lose calories with running. Pros:

  • Decent durability
  • Includes a bigger motor
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be easily folded


  • Narrow design
  • Cannot be self-assembled

Confidence Fitness Electric Treadmill

Women would certainly love the Confidence Fitness Electric Treadmill in this pink color and this treadmill is designed to help you burn all of those excess calories and get into the life of fitness. The design is really small and the treadmill only weighs in at 53 pounds. When adding the folding features, this would make the treadmill perfect for smaller homes. The treadmill includes a small, yet decent 600-watt motor and will give you some decent speeds. The treadmill is also capable of holding individuals of up to 250 pounds. You will be able to elevate your workout with the manual incline and the console will keep track of all the basic stats that you need to see. This treadmill is definitely one of the most affordable and with the color; we would definitely recommend it for the female fitness lovers in the family. The excellent durability should also make it ideal for all the men, but the narrow design might be a little uncomfortable for larger individuals. This is a great treadmill for every home. Pros:

  • Good durability
  • Stylish color for women
  • Really affordable
  • Decent console


  • Extremely narrow design

Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

Last but certainly not least, we have the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric treadmill and this is one of the most marketed treadmills by this brand. The treadmill is much similar to the previous version and includes a decent 600-watt motor that should give you some decent speeds to work with The treadmill is also very lightweight and only weighs in at 53 pounds. The design can be folded up and stored away easily when you need to get it out of the way. We also love the fact that you can get this treadmill in a stylish white color as well. The treadmill is quite durable and capable of holding individuals of up to 250 pounds. The only downside we did find with this treadmill is the narrow design and this could potentially be bad for excessive runners and for larger individuals. The treadmill is really affordable and we would definitely recommend it as one of our favorites for those just starting out and getting into the world of fitness. Pros:

  • Stylish design
  • Decent motor and durability
  • Includes manual incline
  • Good console


  • Narrow design

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have managed to find a new side of the Confidence treadmills that dispels the rumors that they are cheap. The treadmills are affordable for the average individual and they should be ideal for most homes and beginners to get started. We would also like you to share your thoughts on the article in the comment section below and let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorite Confidence Fitness treadmills. Please also let us know if you have experience using one.

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