IRONMAN-logo (1) Keys Fitness is the main brand behind the manufacturing of the Ironman treadmills and they have been in the industry quite some time to build up a decent reputation for great products. Ironman treadmills are some of the more affordable treadmills on the market and they are the ideal option for those looking at something cheap and affordable. We have found some of their treadmills and had the opportunity of testing them to find out how they work and which of the features could be beneficial to you. These treadmills are not only made from top quality materials, but they are smaller as well. Here are a couple of the things that we have seen about these treadmills that you should know about. Here’s a list of best Ironman treadmills for sale which is reviewed in this article:

Key Features That You Would Expect To Find In These Treadmills

As with all treadmill brands Ironman treadmills are also rather durable and they are perfectly designed with their own set of unique features. Whilst testing, we have found some of the top features that you can be sure to find when you make the investment. Here are these features for you to see if you like them or not:

  • Motors: Some of these treadmills have decent motors and while you could find one with a 3 HP motor, they have also developed a treadmill that will feature a 6 HP motor. The quality if the treadmill is not determined by the motor, but having a top of the line motor, does make life a little easier for you.
  • Consoles: The Ironman treadmills do not have standard consoles and these consoles are designed to have some unique features. The consoles also have built-in TV’s and MP3 players that could help you when it comes to taking your mind off the workout while the calories are burning.
  • Tracks: Depending on the model of the treadmill that you choose to buy, you should have a decent track included as well. The tracks on some of their top range treadmills are around 60-inches long and this will enable you easily workout without any real troubles as well.
  • Folding ability: It should come as no surprise that many of these treadmills give you the ability to fold up and store away. The folding feature is included for those with smaller apartments and now offers you the ability or takes away the excuse of not having a treadmill that will help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Design: These treadmills also have stylish designs and the design will enable you to keep the treadmill in the home. The designs are stylish when looking at it and should allow you to leave it upright instead of folding it down when you have guests over.
  • Stability: Stability is another key feature that needs to be looked at. Having decent stability will allow you to workout without any real hassles and the treadmill will not fall around or shake too much. The stability is one of the main aspects one should look for in a great quality treadmill.
  • Warranties: These treadmills come with decent warranties and the warranty should keep you protected and offer you some peace of mind. While the labor on the treadmills is not the very best, the overall warranties on the frame and the motors will definitely keep you protected for as long as you need.
  • Cost: Finally, it is worth noting that these treadmills are really affordable and thanks to the affordability, the treadmills are perfect for anyone to own one. Even to the high-end models, are quite affordable and this will make them the ideal budget buy.

While these treadmills also have a few subtle features that will give you great benefits, here are the main features that you will be focusing on with them. These features are also some of the top features that you would expect to find when buying a state of the art top quality treadmill. Fortunately, with Ironman, this is given to you at an affordable price.

Drawbacks of Ironman Treadmills

It is no secret that any and all product will have flaws that could eventually cause some issues. However, we have done some testing to try and find out if we could determine some of these flaws and find out whether or not the treadmill will be ideal for you. Here are a couple of the flaws that you should keep in mind when selecting and Ironman treadmill:

  • Big model difference quality: The difference between the top range models and the more affordable models are huge and during tests, we have seen that the top range models are definitely much better. In terms of build and design, they will excel, but the stability seems to be the key component that will set them apart. We recommend looking for the high-end models instead.
  • Bankruptcy: The customer service has taken quite a knock and this is due to the fact that company has declared bankruptcy. This also means that you might not find all the parts all of the time and this is something that could be quite frustrating if you are left with an unreliable treadmill that does not work or if something breaks. However, we have found many commercial dealers that are more than welcome to help you with things like tracks.

These drawbacks are major and they could certainly make a difference to the quality and the satisfaction that you receive from these products. Now that you know about some of the main drawbacks that you need to deal with, you should be able to decide if these treadmills are ideal for you or not.

Final Verdict

It can be quite hard for us to recommend a product that does not have the best of customer support and with the bankruptcy problem, you might run into a couple of issues as well when it comes to this aspect. However, should you find a reliable seller, these treadmills could be of great use to you and you might even enjoy using them. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to let us know in the comment section if you have ever used one of these treadmills and how they have worked for you. Please also let us know if you are still using them and where to find a decent model brand new.

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