619iwqb8uzl-_sl1500_If you happen to run more than every once in a while, there’s a decent chance that you have contemplated buying a treadmill. Forgoing on that costly gym membership and avoiding the winter cold or summer heat is a smart decision for anyone serious about running. But, which treadmill should the serious runner buy? A non folding treadmill will be the best bet for anybody who regularly runs. While a folding treadmill can save a bit of space, it is of no help to be continually pulling it out every day to run, in addition to its clear deficiencies to a non folding treadmill. A non folding treadmill will naturally have a sturdier deck and frame, along with a longer and wider running belt so that the runner does not feel cramped.

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Before you look to buy a non folding treadmill, it will be important to check out this guide to see what models are the most durable, have the best built-in features, are comfortably cushioned, have the most bang for your buck and have any additional specs that will make the treadmill uniquely better than the competition. Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill This is the best non folding treadmill that money can buy. However, the only aspect that could keep you from buying this treadmill is exactly that—it is a bit pricey. But compared to other non folding treadmills, this has anything you could ever wish for, and even more. The running belt is 22 inches wide, so you will never have to worry about stepping a little bit too far to the left or right when you are running on those final bursts of energy. The frame and belt are incredibly durable and safe, making sure that this will last you for years. The two-ply belt on this treadmill provides all of the cushioning you need to save your knees. Finally, the Sole TT8 comes with all of the gadgets and gizmos that make this the best non folding treadmill: a nine-inch LCD dispay with 10 quality workout programs, an MP3-compatible sound system and a chest strap heart rate monitor. NordicTrack Commercial 1750 The Commercial 1750 is the most popular treadmill from big manufacturer NordicTrack. The rationale behind the popularity is that this non folding treadmill is the perfect median between quality and price. It is on the low end of the price scale, especially compared with the Sole Fitness TT8, and offers many of the same amenities as the top of the line treadmills. The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is hi-tech to the point with which it has a tablet holder, and can sync up with a device like an iPad. With this, you can virtually run routes via Google Maps and explore any location. It has customizable cushioning and a 22 by 60 inch tread belt. What’s more, the speakers on this treadmill are incredibly clear, so you can virtually explore any area of the globe, but with your iPod blasting your favorite music. The treadmill overall is fairly quiet, and you should not be waking up any neighbors, unless you have that volume on the speaker cranked up to max. The NordicTrack comes complete with an iFit program to help track workout goals and an incline that can be adjusted up to 15 degrees, to make those fitness goals even more achievable. Matrix T7xe The Matrix T7xe is one of the best non folding treadmills on the market. It is built to last with the toughest runs, and can challenge you in any way imaginable. Like most treadmills on this list, it has the capability to increase or decrease the incline of the run. But the user can also adjust the resistance level for a little bit of an extra challenge. However, it is specially build to absorb your impact, so these tough workouts will not wear on your muscles and joints. The 15-inch touch screen also provides the distraction needed to push through any wall. It is compatible with iPod and even Nike fitness apps. This non folding treadmill is completed by a three speed personal fan and 11 different workout plans, including military training exercises. Precor TRM 445 The Precor TRM 445 is in the same cost range as the Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill, meaning that it is a bit pricey, but also puts the money to good use. The TRM 445 includes two special Precor patents, their Integrated Footplant Technology and the Ground Effects Impact Control System. This means that the treadmill will come with engineered shock absorbers along the front of the deck, leading to a precise amount of cushioning. Additionally, the belt speed instantaneously adjusts to the accelerating or decelerating movement of your stride, to reduce stress on your body. What makes this non folding treadmill special compared to other Precor’s is the amount of programming that comes enabled in the console. TRM 445 comes with a grand total of 23 preset workouts and can handle four user profiles. These profiles can then be linked to a smart phone, where you can share data. Yowza Fitness Daytona Plus The Daytona Plus appears on the mid to low cost range of non folding treadmills, and that is evident with its biggest con of the running belt being smaller than most of the treadmills on this list. Possessing a similar length of 60 inches to other treadmills, it differs in the width—20 inches. Nonetheless, the Daytona Plus has all of the motor speed you will need out of a treadmill, along with 15 different incline levels. What sets this apart is the suite of web and mobile apps that can help you achieve fitness goals in the easiest way possible. Yowza Fitness calls this MyLiveLight, which is an all encompassing fitness tracker. Through a mobile device, you can enter weight, calorie intake and activity, and the treadmill will track your progress for you. From there, you can even share the information with social media in order to compete with friends and add a little bit more motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

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