nordictrack-x9i-incline-trainerIncline Trainers are a kind of treadmills with a wide range of incline. While incline treadmills support only incline up to 15%, Incline Trainers can have 30-40% incline and 3-6% decline. Though they are quite expensive, workout with incline increases the number of calories you burn every mile. There are not many incline trainer models on the market and only 2-3 main brands who produce them. I’m really willing to create the table of Incline Trainers, but the problem is that there are only one Incline Trainer in American Amazon and it looks like NordicTrack and a few other brands  don’t sell their products there, but you still can find some Incline Trainer in your local Amazon (unless you are from the USA).

No products found.

FreeMotion GS Series Incline Trainer Treadmill is the only one incline trainer I found. I can’t say that it’s the best incline trainer according to two bad reviews about customer service. If you are not from the USA and use the local amazon in your country, there is a chance that you find the incline trainer. There are only two choices in brands: you can buy FreeMotion incline trainer or NordicTrack incline trainer. But if you are from the USA, I would recommend you to have a look at the incline treadmills on the official websites of the brands:  NordicTrack incline trainers and FreeMotion incline trainers.

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