When you are hearing “heavy duty” you always think about cars, don’t you? In general, “heavy duty” means that it’s designed to withstand the stresses of demanding use, so this adjective can be applied to many types of products, including treadmills and other types of running machines. So, heavy duty treadmills are the treadmills that can last for a long time, can be used often (like in a gym) and by heavy users. It’s like commercial expensive treadmills used by gyms and professional users. There’re some treadmill models that include “heavy duty” in their titles or descriptions, so I decided to put in this article both commercial treadmills and the treadmills which call themselves “Heavy Duty”. I’ve also included heavy duty treadmill mats which are slightly related to this topic. It helps you to protect your floor to be damaged by a treadmill – the weight of treadmills are always underestimated by users, though the weight of treadmills is usually between 175 and 250 pounds. So, the first table I made include treadmills which contain in title or description an information that they are Heavy Duty Treadmills. After a long research, I found plenty of cheap treadmills which use it as an occasion to draw attention and get them sold. I wouldn’t buy these treadmills unless you are looking for a cheap treadmill:

Since I don’t see the treadmills above as “Heavy Duty” and in my understanding, it’s a reliable treadmill that can handle the whole range of user’s weight with high frequency for a long time, so I put the table of commercial treadmills in this post as well: 

Also, I found that many people have a damaged floor after a treadmill or they just want to protect their floor. Even though it’s not really related to this topic, I’ve put some heavy duty treadmill mats in case you are looking for them: 

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