There are many places where you can buy treadmills and all of them have some pros and cons. To know better where is the best place to buy a treadmill and why you should buy it there, continue reading. Probably, you need to read my treadmill buying guide in order to better understand what criteria you should look first when looking for a treadmill. If you want to know where to buy used treadmills, this article will also help you, but before buying a used treadmill, please read my guidance for used treadmills.

The great place to start your treadmill research is the internet. You can visit official websites of treadmill manufacturers or some popular online store. My personal recommendation is because most manufacturers put their products there and you see all the range of treadmill models and buy them for manufacturer price. There you can find full specification of any treadmill and more importantly, you can see customer reviews where amazon distinguish verified purchase reviews which mean less fake reviews. Speaking

Speaking of reviews, you should consider of buying only treadmills with at least 10 reviews and they must have 4 or 5 stars. Read bad reviews carefully, but try to believe only verified reviews. In addition, “Customer Questions & Answers” section could be useful for you where you can see popular questions from real customers and answers from owners of this particular product or its manufacturer.

After making a list of treadmills you’d love to buy, you have a choice: you can buy it immediately online or go to any local retail store. If you want to buy a used treadmill, you should look for ads in the newspaper and online websites and you may find a used treadmills for sale by owner or by gym.

So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of each place I just mentioned:

Retail Stores:


  • Being able to try a treadmill yourself
  • Getting professional help from shop assistant
  • Opportunity to take away the treadmill immediately


  • Getting false information from shop assistant to sell bad treadmill models
  • More expensive than buying online
  • Smaller assortment of treadmills than in online stores

That’s the method people usually did before inventing the internet. As I said in my treadmill buying guide,  you should go to local store to try it, but nothing more, since most goods in retail stores are more expensive due to rent and delivery cost, so you shouldn’t buy it there unless it really has a great deal (but check online stores for the price and duration of warranty first).

Online Stores:


  • Price
  • Big choice
  • Plenty of reviews
  • Detailed information about treadmills


  • You can’t see and try treadmills online

I really tried to find more cons for online stores, but nothing came in mind. If you found any, please leave a comment below this post. Surely, before buying, you should go and try a treadmill you want in any retail store, but you can rely on verified reviews and it’s up to you. If you can’t or don’t want to try that treadmill, you should be sure that it’s a reliable brand.

In nutshell, it’s a great way to buy a treadmill because of the advantages I listed above. Manufacturer’s websites are the cheapest place to buy a treadmill of a certain brand. Also, they probably sell their treadmills on Amazon and eBay with exact the same prices. For example, here are official pages of two popular treadmill brands: ProForm and NordicTrack.

Now, let’s see where we can buy a used treadmill. Firstly, you should read the local newspapers and try to find some ads from people who’s selling their treadmills or you can use alternative online resources (the resources depends on where you live). In addition, you may find some news on closing gyms nearby, so you should call them and ask for treadmills that they could sell to you. And the last place is the same as for new treadmills – online stores. Ebay and amazon let sellers to sell used products and sometimes you can find some great deals. It’s the riskiest place to buy a used treadmill because you can’t detect defects and faults online, so unlike buying new treadmills, I wouldn’t recommend to buy used treadmills online, unless you can reach the owner of the treadmill.

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