priceIn this article, I’m going to do treadmill price comparison. We have 6 main treadmill price categories: treadmills under $200,treadmills under $300,treadmills under $500,treadmills under $1000,treadmills under $1500 and treadmills over $1500. I created the individual articles for each category. Here, you can decide for yourself how much you can spend on the treadmill you are looking for and you’ll see the examples of best prices on treadmills. All the prices I got from Amazon because it is one of the best stores where you can get things cheap. You can compare the treadmill online prices with prices in your local stores.

So, the cheapest price category is the treadmills under $200. Sometimes, you can find some deals and buy treadmill under $100! This is mostly non-electric treadmill price, and you may find a few motorised treadmills but they are quite bad. Manual treadmills have some benefits and you can find them in this article. This category is budget-friendly and this is the only one significant pros, but usually the treadmills of the lowest price category have bad quality, low characteristics and limited functionality, therefore you shouldn’t expect  long lifetime or something marvellous from them. I would recommend it for people who can’t afford a good treadmill or for beginners who just want to try doing the workout.

The treadmills under $300 category is the most popular category in my opinion. It has the most popular Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill (or at least I’ve never seen more reviewed treadmill). It includes mostly electronic or motorised cheap treadmills. They are still not really good and quite similar with the treadmills under $200. Besides, there you can find “expensive” and “good quality” manual treadmills (It’s really doubtfully, but I don’t think you can find any manual treadmill over $300 on Amazon. In addition, good quality of motorised treadmills and manual treadmills are noticeable) I would recommend electronic treadmills of this price category for walkers because the treadmills have a quite weak motor which can be used mostly for walking or jogging.

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