Vision fitness is one of the top brands that started out producing fitness equipment. The brand is part of the larger Johnson Health Company and offers fitness equipment in all shapes and sizes. With more than 50 best buy awards, these treadmills tend to be great sellers and they have a large following around the US and in residential areas.

The main thing that sets these treadmills apart is the versatility they offer the user. Thanks to this versatility, the treadmills are extremely effective when you need a specific treadmill to do a specific purpose. We have decided to take a closer look at these treadmills and to allow you to see if they meet your needs and will fit your purposes.

Key Features to Expect When Purchasing a Vision Treadmill

Much like all the other treadmills and brand we have reviewed, everyone tries to set themselves apart with better and newer features. Vision Fitness also sets themselves apart with a couple of excellent features that will make them worth your while. Here are the top features you can expect to find when purchasing a Vision treadmill:

  • Motors: With 4.0 HP motors, the Vision Fitness treadmills are not yet at the elite level you would expect from the more expensive brand. However, this will still be enough power to give you great speeds and a decent workout.
  • Consoles: Vision features a couple of different consoles and while the basic LED console is easy to use, you might find the more advanced touch console to be better and offer you more value for your money. With wireless connectivity, these treadmills also allow you to have online access.
  • Incline: Yes, the incline is another great feature you will find in the Vision Fitness treadmills. While not everyone will use it, it is certainly a great way for you to improve your overall fitness with a little less effort.
  • Stability: These treadmills tend to be quite heavy at well over the 200-pound marks, but with 2-ply decks, you will have excellent stability and the 400-pound weight limit is perfect for the larger individuals and for commercial use.
  • Foldable option: These treadmills can also be found in a foldable version. While it might be somewhat smaller, the foldable version is perfect for smaller homes and for you to save some space in the home.
  • Warranties: Even though the warranties are a little different from model to model, they still have decent warranties that will keep you protected and offer you peace of mind. These warranties also include the labor and parts of the treadmill.

These are the 6 main features that you can expect to find with these treadmills. While they might not be the very best, they still come at a great price and since they are made from commercial grade materials, you can be sure that these treadmills are also extremely durable and should last you a couple of years before they give in. It is also worth mentioning that the tracks have been tested with an average lifespan of 21,000 miles.

Drawbacks of the Vision Fitness Brand

While these treadmills may seem like they are flawless, we have seen that every treadmill will have some fatal flaw that could be discouraging and it is better for you the user to know about them before you make the purchase. Here are the main problems we found with the Vision Fitness brand and their top quality treadmills.

  • Weight: These treadmills are certainly stable, but they are also heavy. Moving it from place to place can be quite a daunting task. The treadmills should first be moved before they are assembled to make it easier for you.
  • Expert Assembly: Unfortunately, assembling these treadmills are also quite difficult and it is recommended that you do invest in having an expert help you to assemble it. This will ensure the treadmill is set up correctly.

Final Thoughts

With their smooth design and elegant appearance, these treadmills are certainly designed for those with a keen sense of style. They also offer a wide variety of treadmills that should be ideal for residential use and commercial use depending on your specific needs. We would highly recommend these treadmills for the design and their overall price to feature ratio.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these treadmills. We personally love the design and the overall quality and we would like to know if you have any experience using them and how they worked for you.

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