As one of the older brands, Trimline treadmills offer decent value for money. The Trimline brand is now currently owned by Nautilus, but they do not produce treadmills anymore. Buying the treadmill second hand will now be your only option if you are looking for something cheap and affordable that might help you improve your overall level of fitness.

Since these treadmills are still readily available on the second-hand market, we have decided to look into them and see whether or not the treadmills will be worth your money. While finding one to test is quite a daunting prospect, the features they offer should be enough for you to see if a second-hand treadmill is right for you.

Key Features to Expect In the Trimline Treadmills

All treadmill brands try to assert themselves from the rest of the field with different features. The Trimline brand is no different and they have a couple of good features that does make their treadmills unique. The biggest downside is the fact that they can no longer be found brand new and you will need to settle on a second-hand treadmill.

  • Motors: When looking at the Trimline treadmills, you will see that most of them have 2.0 HP motors. This is what you will find in most affordable treadmills, but they also have the Trimline 7800 with a 3.0 HP motor and this will be for the more advanced fitness enthusiasts.
  • Design: Trimline treadmills feature a durable design and even though the brand has been discontinued, they have limited service problems that need to be addressed. The treadmills part might be a little harder to find if something should break.
  • Stability: Trimline features durable and stable decks. The treadmills are also quite heavy and this does make them a great option for any heavy user. The stability feature will be great for keeping your goal and limiting any movement that might make it uncomfortable.
  • Space saver: The Trimline treadmills are quite small in terms of the design. However, this also means that the tracks are shorter and this could be a little discouraging for some users. The space saver design should be ideal when it comes to smaller homes and this will be a good option for your smaller apartments.
  • Price: Since they are only available on the second-hand market, you will be able to save some cash when looking to buy one of them. With a decrease in the price, you could easily buy other equipment to offer you more training versatility as well.

These are the 5 main benefits that you will have when it comes to these treadmills. These benefits might not be for everyone, but for the casual person looking to improve their overall level of fitness, these treadmills might just end up doing the trick.

Drawbacks of the Trimline Treadmills

Trimline does have one or two drawbacks that we spotted and you will need to decide if you can live with them. Here are some of the main problems we found with this brand specifically, as the treadmills themselves are quite efficient.

  • Warranties: Since the brand does not produce any new treadmills, you will need to find one of the second-hand markets and since warranties are not transferable, you will be gambling on the fact that the treadmill does hold up as it should.
  • Lack of extras: The treadmill does not really offer much in terms of added extras that you could use and this might make the second-hand purchase a little less of a great idea. The console is quite basic and this also means that you will not have any specialized programs.

Final Thoughts

Trimline was one of the great affordable brands once the brand stated and the first couple of treadmills were released. However, it can be hard for us to recommend a second-hand treadmill to any person when you can find newer models with great warranties. If the treadmill is in peak condition, you might make a great investment, but this you will need to determine yourself.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on the Trimline treadmill brand.

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