legs-treadmill-crowded-gymMost people rely on reviews of other people who’ve already bought this product when they want to buy something, especially from the internet. It is a great strategy and it works just fine with purchasing treadmills. There are a few websites to find them and the most reliable one, in my opinion, is Amazon because it’s one of the most popular online store where you can find not just great diversity of goods, but also gives you the great number of reviews for many of them and you can check whether the owner of the review has bought it or not. In the list below, I’ve chosen top rated treadmills which have at least 30 reviews! In my opinion, this amount of reviews is enough to know the approximate rating of any product (surely, the more reviews it has, the more accurate rating is). So here are 12 top rated treadmills (which rating are or above 4.3):

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