STAR_TRAC_LOGO If you did not read The Top 10 Most Expensive Treadmills, it is time to do this, because this review is about the most expensive accessible treadmill brand for people which is called “Star Trac”.  They produce the cardio machines, Strength Training machines and machines for Group Training. Its website is beautiful and functional and done so well, and I am sure to say that it is the best treadmill brand website I have ever seen. Speaking about its treadmills, the treadmills have original design which is different from most other brands, as for me, they look quite thick and because of their structure, they cannot be folded, so if you are looking for folding treadmills, check this article. Star Trac Treadmills mostly have positive 4-5 reviews, but the brand is not popular, because the treadmills  is not portable and the brand is not owned by big fitness company like ICON. Anyway, let’s see the treadmill that Star Trac can offer us:

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