xSportsArt_GrayGreen_logo.png.pagespeed.ic.MOx__IV9_l SportsArt is not as well known as some of the more luxurious brands, but they offer exceptional quality at a really affordable cost. The brand has been on the market for around 25 years. SportsArt has also been manufacturing other treadmill brands like Tunturi, but the SportsArt brand is not as well known among many fitness enthusiasts. The treadmills might not be as durable and well versed as you will find in your local gym, but they do offer exceptional features and since they are not as well known, you can pick them up for virtually a fraction of the cost. We have checked out some of their features and how they could be beneficial to your fitness experience. We have also chosen the top SportsArt Treadmills for you to start out with in 2017/18:

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Key features you will find in the top SportsArt Treadmills

Much like the other treadmill brands, SportsArt also has a magnitude of great features that make them worth your money. The only difference is the price and you will find all of these features at a really affordable price. These are the top features we really liked about the SportsArt Treadmills and we believe you will also find them extremely helpful and beneficial:

  • Motors: The treadmills have exceptional motors and these motors range from 3-4 HP. The top end versions like the T630 will get you great top speeds while running quietly at the same time. These motors are some of the same motors that you might expect to find in some of the high-end treadmills that are extremely expensive.
  • Console: With wide LED consoles, the treadmill is exceptional and you will be able to see everything needed on them. The consoles are also user-friendly and you could easily navigate to wherever you need to be in an instance. The multiple programs have been scientifically developed and they include cardio tests as well as specific programs that could target specific body parts.
  • Tread belt: We love the large tread belts and this makes it perfect for anyone looking to start working out. The average tread belt is 58 x 20 inches, while the more advanced models like the T630 has a tread belt of 61 x 22 inches. These tread belts are extremely durable as well, but they may lack some of the more advanced shock absorbing features.
  • Durability: These treadmills are extremely durable as well. They might not be on the same level as the ultra-luxury treadmills, but they are made from commercial grade materials that should keep you going for multiple years. The treadmills cannot be folded and they are quite heavy as well, but they have great weight limits with some of the top models being perfect for individuals of up to 450 pounds.
  • Incline: Since most of the console is electronic, you will be able to adjust the inclination with the console as well. Depending on the model, the level of inclination you can choose from will vary, but this will be a great way for you to get into fitness the slow way with walking as well.
  • Additional accessories: Many of these treadmills also include some additional accessories. These will be with the more expensive versions, but since these are almost the same as the luxury treadmills, you might as well just add them. The heart rate monitor is generally included and this is made by Polar, one of the top brands when it comes to these monitors. Additionally, you could also add the Plus Deck, which adds up to 305 more cushioning to the surface and will help absorb shock and reduce fatigue.
  • Warranty: These treadmills should have you covered when it comes to the warranties. The 7-year electronic warranty is perfect and will give you peace of mind, while the 1-year warranty on the labor, will save you a few bucks when it comes to services. The treadmill should be serviced often or at least twice each year to ensure everything is still running smoothly. The frame will be covered for life with the motor and this shows a ton of confidence.
  • Fitness programs: These fitness programs are perfect for the fitness lover and they are based on the original fitness programs used in the military. These also include your different runs and the test that will see how fast you are. If you are training for the military and you would like to join one day, this feature is something you need to look for as well. The tests are for marines, navy and other divisions.

These are the 8 main features you could expect to find in these treadmills. The features will certainly set the SportsArt Treadmills apart from the rest of the competition. The only real downside some users might find is the price of the upper-end models. These treadmills are still cheaper than your luxury models, but they are expensive for the average fitness enthusiast just looking to shed a few pounds.

Top SportsArt Treadmills you could find today

Now that you have a little better of an understanding when it comes to these treadmills, you should also need to know which models we recommend. While all of their treadmills are quite exceptional, we have chosen a few that we believe will be perfect for your home. Some of them might be a little expensive, but this should be seen as a once off investment and you will never need to purchase any other treadmill ever again. That said, here are the top SportsArt Treadmills of 2017:

Best SportsArt Treadmills of 2017 Reviewed

SportsArt Fitness T635A Foundation Series Treadmill

First, on our list, we have the SportsArt T635A Foundation Series treadmill and this treadmill is perfect for those looking to test their current fitness levels as well. With a 4 HP motor, the treadmill will give you speeds ranging between 0.3-12 MPH. This is even more than the fittest individual can handle when it comes to jogging long distances. The running surface is around 61 x 22 inches and the maximum weight limit will be around 450 pounds. The treadmill includes multiple different programs that could even target the specific areas of your body. While spot reduction with fat is impossible, this is a great way for you to strengthen specific muscles on those days that you are not visiting the gym. One of the main features is the fitness tests this treadmill includes. With multiple fitness tests for those in the marines, navy and other areas of the military, this treadmill is perfect for you home to see if you will make the cut when you have been given leave. The Myflex Plus Deck Cushioning is also perfect and reduces the strain placed on the joints, which also helps to reduce the effects of fatigue. This is a commercial grade treadmill and it does command quite an expensive price, but we would recommend this for anyone serious about the world of fitness. The treadmill is quite heavy as well and assembling it yourself is not recommended. The treadmills will definitely help you reach new goals and improve your overall fitness. Pros:

  • Includes fitness programs
  • Plus deck cushioning to reduce effects of fatigue
  • Commercial grade materials
  • Stylish design with wide console


  • Hefty price tag
  • Can’t be self-assembled

SportsArt Fitness T615 Foundation Series Treadmill

The SportsArt Fitness T615 Foundation Series Treadmill is also a perfect fitness treadmill. It is a little smaller than the T635A but still comes with a powerful and quiet 3 HP motor that will give you top speeds of up to 12 MPH. The running surface is a little smaller at 58 x 20 inches and the elevation is also perfect, allowing you to set the incline up to 15% when you feel like walking a little up hill. A Tri-Color LED display is included and this shows you all the color and all the stats. The wider console makes it really easy for you to see your progress and how you are moving forward in the process of achieving your goals. There are multiple different programs, but no tests are included to measure your fitness. However, you will still be able to strengthen specific body parts with the programs. MyFlex Plus deck cushioning is included to reduce the strain placed on your joints and also help combat fatigue. For those serious about fat loss, the heart rate monitor is a great way to keep your heart rate in the fat burning zone and allow you to get the needed results to burn that excess fat.  Unfortunately, the treadmill is also quite heavy and hard to assemble. You will definitely need to invest in the additional assembling. The treadmill is one of the more affordable SportsArt Versions and we would definitely recommend it as the ideal home treadmill for someone serious about the fitness lifestyle. It might still seem a little expensive, but we do think that the decent warranty and lifetime motor and frame support will give you all the peace of mind needed to make an investment into your health. It is also worth mentioning that the maximum weight limit is 400 pounds. Pros:

  • Durable and stylish design
  • Includes a multitude of well-designed programs
  • Affordable when compared to other luxury models
  • Includes a decent tread belt with cushioning


  • Assembly is quite expensive additionally

SportsArt T675 Treadmill

The SportsArt T675 treadmill is probably the most expensive and luxurious of all the models. The treadmill features a rugged 4 HP motor and this is one of the more powerful, yet quiet motors we have ever seen in a treadmill. It features a 62 x 22-inch track and the tread belt is also self-lubricating. This ensures that you need not worry too much about the maintenance. MyFlex Plus Deck cushioning is included in the belt, which helps combat fatigue and will reduce the strain that has been placed on your joints. This means that even when using the 15% incline, you will not have any joint pains that could potentially lead to serious injury. A heart rate monitor from Polar is also included and this helps you accurately stay in the fat burning zone. The main selling point will definitely be the addition of the fitness tests. These tests can be used by military personnel from virtually any division to ensure that they meet the standards. The different programs are also included to help you reach your goals and if you are working out for the military, you should reach it in no time. With all of these features, this treadmill remains a little bit over priced. The treadmill is one of the most expensive treadmills we have ever seen and we would only recommend it to institutions. If you have a gym at your military office or even at work, this should be the ideal treadmill for you to invest in and get great value for your money. Pros:

  • Durable heavy duty frame
  • Includes the fitness tests
  • All high-end features
  • Self-lubricating tread belt


  • Extremely expensive
  • Needs expert assembly

SportsArt T645L Treadmill

Next, we have the SportsArt T645 Treadmill and this is another quite expensive model that can be used for all your fitness needs. The 4 HP motor is quite powerful and will help you reach those top speeds of up to 12 MPH. It also features the EC-glide self –lubricating feature to reduce the maintenance you need to spend on the tread belt. The programs are what set this treadmill apart and while you will also have access to all the military tests like the 5K and 10K runs; you have 10 additional quick workout programs. These programs are designed by top fitness professionals and ensure that you stay in shape or even reach your goals in no time at all. The USB device is great for adding your very own music and you have a 2x volume control. This treadmill could potentially blast the music throughout the home and you could have a decent workout experience in the mean time. It also includes the standard SportsArt top warranty and should be ideal for anyone looking to improve fitness. It is quite expensive still, but much cheaper than the T675. This makes it ideal for offices, but homeowners may also invest in it. However, there are cheaper models that might be a little better and smaller for your home. This one has a weight limit of 400 pounds and the tread belt measures 61 x 22 inches. Pros:

  • Durable commercial grade construction
  • Includes military fitness programs
  • Includes 10 quick workout programs
  • Perfect for music lovers


  • Still a little over priced

SportsArt T655L Treadmill

Last but certainly not least, we have the SportsArt T655L treadmill, which is still considered to be one of the more advanced and specialized treadmills for getting into shape. It also includes a 4 HP motor and will give you the same maximum speeds of up to 12MPH that you find on the cheaper models. The self-lubricating system is definitely a big bonus and reduces the costs and time spent on maintenance. With multiple programs and the extra fitness tests used for military personnel, you could improve your fitness significantly as well. The treadmill is designed to help you achieve these goals and the wide LED display system also makes it easy for you to see your progress. A heart rate monitor is also included to ensure that you stay in the fat burning or fitness zone. With a generous tread belt spanning 62 x 22 inches and a weight limit of up to 400 pounds, the treadmill should be perfect for anyone looking to start working out. The automatic incline is perfect for beginners who would like to start out walking as well. The treadmill remains one of the most expensive treadmills and even with the warranty, we would only recommend it to institutions and even perhaps new gym clubs just starting out. The treadmill requires expert assembly and this will also spike up the overall costs. Pros:

  • Extremely durable construction
  • Large LED display and tread belt
  • Includes military fitness tests
  • Includes heart rate monitor


  • Extremely expensive

Our Verdict

These SportsArt treadmills are definitely something that you might like to invest in. The treadmills are better for groups of people and they should be used often if you are willing to pay such an expensive price for them. We cannot choose the best one as they all have the same features included with minor changes like the tread belt being smaller or a different type of motor. The addition of the military fitness programs do set them apart from the rest of the treadmills but also spikes the costs quite significantly when compared to the other models. We would like to recommend them all for the avid fitness enthusiast and for fitness institutions. If you are getting for military purposes, this will also be a great treadmill to start with. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we do hope that you have found one of these treadmills helpful to meet your needs. Please let us know in the comment section below if you have or if we have missed any of your favorite SportsArt Treadmills. Please also let us know if you have experience with them and how you found them to be.

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