solefitnesslogo2-1- (1)   Sole Fitness is one of the leading brands when it comes to fitness equipment. The brand does not only cater for those who love treadmills, but they also design top range recumbent bikes and elliptical machines. While this brand might not be as high-end as many of the other brands it still offers you a great opportunity to get a high-quality treadmill at an affordable price. We have decided to look into the Sole Fitness brand and find out what they are all about. The brand is not only one of the frontrunners, but they also have some of the best input that is given by some of the most important sports brands in the world. Here’s a list of best Sole Fitness Treadmills for Sale which is reviewed in this article:

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Having this great endorsement is always important and you will find that your top brands will also recommend these treadmills to some of their customers. During our search, we tried to find the best Sole Fitness treadmills and we also used our own special criterion to judge them. This is all contained in our buyer’s guide that will show you exactly what you need to look out for when you are buying a Sole Fitness treadmill.

Most important features that you will need to consider when buying a Sole Fitness treadmill

Sole Fitness is one of the top brands when it comes to creating fitness equipment, they have a hugely diverse range of treadmills that you could choose from, but some of them have better features than others. To help ensure that you manage to find the perfect Sole Fitness treadmill that will meet your needs, we have constructed this list of top features, to make the choosing process that much easier for you.

  • Motor and power output: Sole Fitness treadmills are a little less advanced than you will see the 3G cardio treadmills and they still cater for the best of treadmill users. Their motors are generally quite decent and they have a power output of around 2-3 horsepower. This will give you decent speeds and will also make it easier for you to alternate between walking and running on the treadmill.
  • Design: Sole Fitness is a brand that is very versatile when it comes to the design of their treadmills. They have folding treadmills and they have the standard treadmills that you will need to keep in the living area. The construction is generally durable and most of the treadmill is made from electronics. This could potentially put off many people. But you will have all of the control in the palm of your hands.
  • Console: The console will vary depending on the treadmill that you choose. If you want to have an advanced console with all those intricate features that can allow you to watch television and also browse the internet, you will certainly have to be willing to pay for that. We recommend having the basic console if you only want to use the treadmill to get into shape. The basic console will offer you great stat tracking and make life so much easier for you when you are looking to see how you might have progressed.
  • Tread belt and Shock Absorption: The tread belt and especially the size of the tread belt will also be fundamentally important. A decent tread belt will be large and have enough space for you to run on and it will also have some shock absorption technology included to ensure that you can run without putting too much strain on your joints and knees.
  • Assembly: The assembly process can be quite tricky and this is even more so if the treadmill hinges on being electronic in every sense of the word. If you are good with your hands, you should be capable to easily assemble the treadmill by yourself, but if you are not that good with tools, you might need to pay the extra money and have an expert come in and do the assembly for you.
  • Warranty: Every piece of electronic training equipment should have some sort of warranty. This warranty is mostly important if the treadmill does break or some of the parts start to wear out. The motor is one of the most expensive parts of the treadmill and if you do have a decent warranty, this will all be protected. Sole Fitness has generous warranties and these warranties will definitely ensure that you are protected for the longest duration that you will be using it.
  • Walking or running: Finally, you will need to make the decision between a walking and running treadmill. The walking treadmill is designed to be used for walking and the shock absorbing technology might not be as advanced. The running treadmills are also a little more expensive and the technology used in them is also a little better. We generally do recommend the running treadmills for their superior design and the fact that they will be capable of taking more punishment before they are damaged.

These are the 7 main features and/or choices that you will need to answer when you are planning to buy a Sole Fitness treadmill. Their treadmills are generally very durable and they also cater for the high-end people. Most of the training programs on every treadmill they have put on the market have been designed by professional personal trainers and fitness coaches. So if you are looking for a good treadmill that will ensure you can get results in terms of fitness and losing weight, these features will definitely help you to do that

Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill

The Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill is one of the top treadmills that you can choose from. This treadmill is a mixture of the space saving design and the high-end treadmills and it features a 4 CHP Dc type motor. This motor will ensure that you are capable of reaching those high speeds and it will also make life that much easier for you if you want to have a quiet running experience. The treadmill features multiple different programs that can all be controlled from the very intricate console. These programs range from basic all the way to advanced programs with heart rate elevation in mind. The LCD screen is around 9-inches wide and the treadmill is also compatible to be used with your mp3 player. The large 2,75-inch rollers are perfect for those looking to get the ultimate comfort and this will make the running process that much easier. We also like the fact that the treadmill can be folded. This will save you a ton of space and should be ideal for those of you looking to save space in the living are or even those living in smaller apartments. The treadmill is unfortunately not that easy to assemble and you will definitely need to spend some time to ensure that it is perfectly assembled. Hiring a professional expert might be your best option. This treadmill is quite expensive and you will definitely pay for what you get. If you are looking to get the best possible quality and value for your money, this treadmill should be the ideal choice for you. The treadmill includes a great warranty and the frame will be covered forever with the motor. The electronics have a decent 5-year warranty and the parts will only have a standard 2-year warranty. Pros:

  • Extremely durable
  • Very powerful motor
  • Decent console
  • Great warranty
  • Some of the best programs to help you get in shape


  • Cannot be self-assembled
  • Really expensive

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

The Sole Fitness F80 folding treadmill is quite similar to the previous model treadmill and it also features a very intricate and durable design. This treadmill features a 3.5 CHP DC type motor and this motor will still give you great speeds of up to 12 MPH. The treadmill also features a decent incline setting and you will certainly get your money’s worth with the design that can be folded up to save some space. The treadmill is also quite advanced when you are looking at the console and it features the same programs as the previous one. These programs are designed by some of the top fitness enthusiasts and you should easily be able to find one that meets your exercising needs. The console is quite good and it is around 7.5 inches and the entire brain of the treadmill is contained inside that console system. The main selling point on this treadmill is the fact that it can be used for running and walking. The great shock absorbing technology in the tread belt will reduce the amount of strain and tension on your legs by up to 40%. This treadmill also includes decent 2.75-inch rollers that will give you smooth running experience. In terms of pricing, this treadmill is also quite expensive, but you will certainly get your money’s worth if you do invest in it. The treadmill is almost fully electronic and this makes the self-assembly process a little harder. The warranty is exactly the same as the F85 and this will certainly keep you protected for a very long time. Pros:

  • Extremely durable design
  • Foldable and versatile
  • Great console included
  • Reduces the strain on the joints
  • Great warranty


  • Quite expensive
  • Cannot be self-assembled

Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill

The Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill is one of the top treadmills that you should look into buying if you have your own personal gym or if you plan on having a decent treadmill in your home. The treadmill will not give you the folding option, so you should be sure that you are not limited when it comes to space. Like many of the other Sole Fitness treadmills, this treadmill also has a very decent display system and this display system will put all of the power in your hands when you are looking to have a great and easy to modify experience. The treadmill also includes the 6 main workouts that can be selected and these workouts will be easy-to-use if you are looking to get good results. They have also been designed by professional trainers and should help you to get results much faster. The main selling point on this treadmill is also the intense design and the added cushioning that is provided by the technology in the tread belt. You will certainly have a great experience and your joints and other areas of your legs will not take such a pounding. The treadmill also has a maximum weight limit of 450lbs and this should make it ideal for anyone of any shape or size. In terms of pricing, this treadmill will also be expensive and the design and durability are certainly worthy to pay for if you plan on getting some good results in life and saving money in the longer run. The treadmill also has the standard warranty on parts and motors that you should expect to get from Sole Fitness and this will give you that added assurance when you are looking to make an investment. Pros:

  • Durable and stylish design
  • Decent console and workout programs
  • Good warranty
  • Commercial grade


  • Expensive
  • Cannot be folded or self-assembled

Sole Fitness F63 Folding Treadmill

The Sole Fitness F63 Folding Treadmill is probably the cheapest treadmill on our list and it will certainly be ideal for those who are planning to have great and affordable workout experience at home. The treadmill can easily be folded and this will come very handy when you are looking to save some space. The display system on this treadmill is a little smaller at around 6.5 inches, but this should still be enough for you to see the stats and to and to have an easy way to see how you have progressed whilst working out. The treadmill also has the same 6 standard programs and these programs will help you to get results so much easier and also keep the workout routine fresh. This treadmill is also quite small and the tread belt might not be the same as some of the larger treadmills. The comfortable cushioning at the bottom will definitely help you to reduce some of the shock and the impact on your joints and will also reduce some of the fatigue that might become problematic when you are working out. In terms of pricing, this treadmill is certainly one of the most affordable Sole Fitness treadmills that you could look to buy. The treadmill is also really durable and will last for a very long time when compared to many of the others that you might find on the market today. Warranty is basically the same as you would expect from most Sole Fitness treadmills and you will also be covered in terms of services for 1 year. Pros:

  • Good durability and design
  • Decent console
  • Good warranty
  • Reduces the shock on your joints
  • Really affordable


  • Cannot be self-assembled

Final Thoughts:

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have managed to see what we see in the Sole Fitness brand. In terms of recommendations, We would like to still recommend all of their treadmills. The brand will have your back and ensure that you get decent results when you are working out. If you have experience with these treadmills, we would like you to share some of your experiences and we would also like you to let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorite Sole Fitness treadmills.

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