Some people don’t have a place to keep their treadmills outside, but they have a plenty of space outside. In order to put it outside, you need to buy a cover because the weather outside always vary and rain, snow, and other weather conditions will be slowly destroying your treadmill without a cover. But you should be careful and choose a waterproof treadmill cover and if it’s not, then it’s indoor treadmill cover to protect your treadmill against dust. To read more, please read this article.

So here are some treadmill covers that is suitable for outdoor use:

As you may notice there are not many covers at all, so I’ve put a Motorcycle Cover at the end and I can guarantee you that it can suit some models, but don’t forget to check the dimensions of your treadmill first.

To see indoor treadmill covers and to get more information, please read our main article about treadmill covers.

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