425 ICON is one of the top treadmill brands on the market today and they are also responsible for the NordicTrack treadmills. Gold’s gym is one of the most famous gyms around the world and it has been home to some of the biggest names in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. To be associated with something this big means you must be doing something correctly. We have decided to look at the top Golds Gym treadmills and how they compare to the rest of the competition.  While the price is one of the main focus points, the rest of the features are also included to make your running experience a little better on the treadmill. While Gold’s gym does not necessarily use these treadmills, they feature extremely well-designed features that will help you improve your fitness level at home. Here’s a list of best Golds Gym treadmills for sale which is reviewed in this article:

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Key Features Included In The Golds Gym Treadmills

Much like with any other treadmill brand, the Golds gym treadmills also include their own set of unique features that have been specifically designed to make life easier and improve your overall workout. We have looked at these features to find out exactly what you should expect when purchasing a Golds Gym treadmill. Here are the main features you will benefit from:

  • Motors: While other cost-efficient brands will leave you with weaker motors, these treadmills are designed to give you some of the best motors on the market. The motors are generally in the range of 2.5 HP and these will give you decent top speeds when working out or improving your fitness.
  • Large running tracks: The tread belt sizes are a little larger on these treadmills and they will range in the area of 19 x 60 inches. This will make it perfect for the larger runner and there will be no need to bump your body into the sides as you are working out. The better the treadmill, the larger the running tracks will be.
  • Sock Absorption: These treadmills include the StepTech cushioning technology and this is a revolutionary piece of technology that has been designed to reduce the impact placed on your joints when working out. This cushioning system will help reduce the effects of fatigue and help you last longer on the treadmill if you are suffering from constant joint pains.
  • Consoles: The consoles are large and easy to read with the top models including the multi-window function. All of these treadmills include multiple different workout programs to keep you training to the best of your ability and these programs have been developed by some of the top fitness experts around the world.
  • Additional exercises: These treadmills have additional exercises that can be used to improve the effectiveness of your workout and these exercises are designed to work the upper body in conjunction with the lower body and improving the overall level of fitness. Having these exercises will also give you versatility.
  • Warranties: even though the warranties are not the same, as you will find in many of the other top models, they will still give you decent frame and motor warranties to keep you protected and offer you a little more peace of mind when using it. These warranties are not the best, but they are ideal for beginners.
  • Incline: The top Golds Gym models all include a decent incline of around 10%. This incline is designed to help you lose weight much faster and improve your stamina. Even by just increasing the incline a little bit, you should notice significant gains and changes in your workout and the effectiveness thereof.
  • Accessories: These treadmills are compatible with music ports and this will allow you to play your favorite songs while working out. The Golds Gym treadmills are designed to be best compatible with Apple Music on the mobile device and your iPod.
  • Space saving design: The space saver design has become a fundamental part of buying a treadmill and since apartments are getting smaller and more expensive, you might think that you do not have enough available space. These treadmills can also be folded and this should give you the ability to save some space if needed.

These are the 9 top features that you should expect to get the most benefit out of when you are buying a Golds Gym treadmill. These features are specifically included to give you the best possible value, without costing you an arm and a leg. One of the only common problems we did find in these treadmills is the lack of stability and the fact that they are a little noisy.

Top Golds GymTreadmills of 2017 Reviewed

Now that you understand which features you will receive, you might be wondering which ones to pick with so many different Golds Gym Treadmills on the market today. We have done all the legwork to ensure that you wouldn’t have to and we have chosen the top Golds Gym treadmills that will help you get the best results and the best value for your money.

Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill

The Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 Treadmill is a state of the art treadmill designed with a ton of different features for your workout. This treadmill is designed from top quality materials and while it is one of the more expensive models, it will offer you one of the best workout experiences you could have hoped for. This includes losing weight and improving your fitness. The console is one of the top areas that the treadmill excels and with a large LED display that will display the stats in a multi-window fashion, this treadmill includes 18 different workout routines to help you get started and move to the intermediate level when you feel like you are starting to improve. Additionally, you have the ability to reach speeds of up to 10 MPH and it includes an incline feature of up to 10%. The treadmill includes multiple different accessories that will improve your workout experience and these include the fan that has been built in and the iPod stand for you to enjoy your favorite songs when working out. The treadmill is quite durable and features a maximum weight limit of up to 300-pounds. With a lifetime frame warranty and 25 years on the motors, you should have some peace of mind when purchasing this model. It also includes a labor warranty for 1 year and this will keep you from spending additionally on those services. We would definitely recommend this treadmill for the value it provides and the quality of the design. Pros:

  • Extremely durable
  • Great console
  • Includes the incline feature
  • Great warranty


  • Quite expensive

Gold’s Gym Trainer 430i Treadmill

The Gold’s Gym Trainer 430i Treadmill is one of the smaller and more affordable models that you could choose on the market today. The treadmill is made from durable materials and it features a space saving and folding design that will help when you need to have more space when you are inviting guests over. A heart rate monitor has been included and this is one of the cheapest models with a decent heart rate monitor that has already been included. It includes multiple different workout programs that should keep you on track and going when you start getting tired and feeling complacent. The large tread belt is also a massive draw and this makes it ideal for the larger individuals, while the shock absorbing technology will reduce some of the strain placed on your joints. While the treadmill is quite noisy, another problem we found is the black particles coming from the tread belt and these might leave a mess on your floor. This is only for the first few uses and the type of shoe you are wearing will definitely play some sort of a role in the amount of these black particles that are coming from the treadmill. This treadmill is one of the cheaper models and should be ideal for the enthusiastic fitness enthusiast. We would highly recommend it for beginners and intermediate trainers and it should also be ideal for saving space. Finally, the treadmill is also easy to assemble and this can be done by yourself if you have basic knowledge of working with your hands. Pros:

  • Decent space saving design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonably priced
  • Quite durable


  • Noisy
  • The tread belt bleeds at first

Gold’s Gym Trainer 520

Our third and final treadmill is the Gold’s Gym Trainer 520 and this is another one of the top treadmills from Golds Gym. The treadmill is designed from top quality materials and offers great durability and stability. It features a space saver design that can be folded and stored away whenever you need to entertain any guests. The 2.5 HP motor is designed for giving you decent workout speeds and to allow you to get the most out of your workout when improving your overall fitness. It features a large LCD display that will help you track the stats and it is capable of accommodating users of up to 300-pounds. The console includes 16 well-designed apps that will allow you to vary your workouts and improve as you get better. Finally, this treadmill includes a new AirStride cushioning system and this is designed for reducing the pain and tension placed on the joints. It will help you last a little longer on the treadmill and get the best possible results from your workout. The only downside is that the treadmill must be expertly assembled by a professional and this can be quite expensive. The treadmill itself is also quite expensive and it is one of the top treadmills for intermediate to advanced users. It features a top quality design and a decent warranty on the frame and the motor that will give you peace of mind and the labor warranty is included to ensure that everything is in order as you workout for the first year. We would highly recommend this treadmill to beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. Pros:

  • Extremely durable
  • Includes revolutionary cushioning
  • Decent console and LCD display
  • Space saver design


  • Really expensive
  • Needs expert assembly

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best treadmill is not always easy and if you are not familiar with the brand, it can be a little more daunting to make the right decision. The Golds Gym treadmills are designed to offer you great versatility and these 3 definitely stand out from the rest of the competition. These treadmills might seem expensive, but they are much more affordable than other treadmills with the same level of features. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to let us know if there are any other Golds Gym treadmills that you like and think will be really effective. Please also let us know in the comment section if you think we might have missed any of your favorite Golds Gym treadmills.

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