175 Fuel treadmills for the home are designed with the price conscious consumer in mind. These treadmills offer a great combination of value and quality and they might not be as high-end as the 3G cardio treadmills, but they are ideal to bring into your home and help you to get the best workout and reach your goals. We have decided to look at the Fuel brand and see exactly what makes these treadmills special and why people are consistently raving about them. We have also chosen the top Fuel treadmills that you could consider buying for your home. These treadmills are actually quite affordable and they will give you the opportunity to reach your goals in as little time as possible. Here’s a list of best Fuel Treadmills for Sale which is reviewed in this article:

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In this article, you will also learn a little bit more about this brand and what sets them apart from the rest of the competition. We have included a small, but still, detailed guide into what makes this treadmill unique and which features will be the most important to look at when you are looking to buy a Fuel treadmill.

Key features that make these treadmills unique

These treadmills are very different from those that you generally find in the gym. They are a little more space conscious and they will also be ideal for almost any family. We have chosen a few of their top features that we really like and think should give us a better insight into how they are working.

  • Decent tread belt size: The tread belt is one of the most important things that you need to consider before buying a treadmill. The bigger the tread belt the more comfortable you will be when using it. If the tread belt is too small, you will be bumping into the sides. The other part that you should consider looking into when it comes to the tread belt is the shock absorption properties and these will reduce fatigue and take some strain off the joints.
  • Motor: The motor on these treadmills are pretty unique and they offer you a wider range of motions and speeds. The average treadmills have motors of around 2.0 HP, but these treadmills can have motors of up to 2.5 HP. These more powerful motor are a little better when you are going for speed and they will make life a little easier for you as you get better.
  • Space saving: The one thing that Fuel tables do bring to the table is the fact that they are really portable and they can easily be folded into the smaller spaces. This makes the treadmills perfect for those living in smaller apartments and now you should have no excuses when looking to improve your fitness.
  • Stability: Even though these treadmills are not really that heavy, they still offer great stability. The stability is ideal and will keep the treadmill from constantly shaking and rocking from side to side. If you are looking for great stability, you certainly get great value for your money when investing in the Fuel treadmill brand.
  • Audio: The Fuel treadmills have great audio jacks that can be used for MP3 players and these jacks will make a huge difference in terms of giving you some music that could keep you motivated whilst on the go. The one thing they do lack is iPod plugins, but this can also be worked around if you have an iPod docking station.
  • Console: These consoles might not be extremely intricate, but they are still good enough to help you track your movements and also the results and or progress that you have been making. The console is still fine for those who need to see the lighter side of life and will ensure that you can enjoy working out in comfort.
  • Warranty: The main selling point on many of these Fuel treadmills will be the great warranty that they offer. These treadmills have lifetime warranties and this will not only tell you more about the quality of the product, but it should also enable you to see just how much confidence the company has in their products. We also recommend these treadmills for the great customer service that has been offered by the company.

These 7 features might seem common when looking at any treadmill, but we highly recommend them and we think that you should definitely look into them if you are looking to get some great value for your money. We would definitely recommend these treadmills for the overall value as well as the quality of the structures that they have been designed with. That being said, here is our selection of the top Fuel treadmills of 2017:

Fuel Fitness FT98 Treadmill

The Fuel Fitness FT98 Treadmill is one of the top treadmills that the Fuel brand has ever designed. This treadmill includes a 3.0 HP motor and this will ensure that you get optimal speed whilst working out. The motor is also very quiet and this is something that many people will take for granted or overlook, but if you live in a house with multiple people, this should definitely make a difference. The LCD display is around 7.5 inches and this is quite large for an affordable treadmill. Multiple workouts are also included and this will allow you to vary the workouts and it will keep you from getting bored whilst you are getting into shape. In terms of stat tracking, the treadmill is capable of tracking your basic stats and you will be able to see how you have improved and how much calories you have burned during a workout. The FT98 treadmill is not a foldable treadmill, but it is still quite easy to move and to set up. The treadmill is also a little more technologically advanced than many others and you will be able to place your MP3 player into the audio jack. Cooling fans have also been installed and this will keep you from aggressive perspiration and it could potentially help you to extend your progress and working time. The treadmill is actually quite affordable when looking at the price. Unfortunately, you should consider adding the expert assembly to the deal, but this is something that is much cheaper with this brand. The warranty is also advanced and you will have a decent 3-year parts warranty with a lifetime frame warranty. They also let you save on the services for the first year and you will be able to have the treadmill serviced when needed. Pros:

  • Good durability
  • Cheap expert assembly
  • Technologically advanced with the inclusion of cooling fan and audio capabilities
  • Great warranty
  • 1 years services included


  • Cannot really be folded
  • Hard to self-assemble

Fuel Fitness FT96 Treadmill

The Fuel Fitness FT96 Treadmill is a less powerful treadmill and it only includes a basic 2.5 HP treadmill that should be great for those who are planning to just use it for basic fitness like walking and jogging. Even though the treadmill is still quite detailed, it will not reach the top speeds in such a sound manner as the previous treadmill. This treadmill only includes a basic 6.5 inch LCD display and while this display system might not seem that big, it is still much bigger than what you would expect from a basic and entry level treadmill. It also contains multiple different workout programs that should keep things fresh and allow you to get the best possible workout every time. The treadmill also includes many of the same advanced features that you should find in the first one and this should make it much easier for you to insert your MP3 player and also use the cooling fans to help you reduce the amount of perspiration that you will face when working out. This treadmill can also be folded and should allow you to save some space in the home. Finally, this treadmill also includes the same warranty that is found in many of Fuel’s other treadmills. The warranty includes a 3-year parts warranty and it also includes a lifetime warranty that will cover the frame. For the first year, you will also be saving a ton of cash with the services and the company includes a free service plan for the first year. We highly recommend this treadmill for the value and the quality and the price tag is also not that expensive. Pros:

  • Great durability
  • Includes a decent warranty
  • Decent console
  • Technologically advanced design
  • Good programs included


  • Cannot be self-assembled

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you manage to find the ideal Fuel treadmill for your home. There are also other treadmills like the Fuel Fitness FT94, but we think that these are the best currently available on the market today. We cannot recommend any specific one and we believe that you will get good value for r your money and also the benefit of great customer support when choosing these treadmills. Please let u know in the comment section below if you think we might have missed any of your favorite Fuel Fitness treadmills and also let us know why you think they should make it onto this list. Please share this with your friends and help them to potentially get the right treadmill for their needs  

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