Stair Climbers for me is one of the most confusing names of cardio machines because in a store you can find that Stair Climbers can be called as Vertical Climber, Stepper, Twister Stepper, Climbing Stepper, Stepmill or even Elliptical Trainer and some other types of running machines. Surprisingly, Hand Trucks also can be called as Stair Climber, but it’s not related to fitness at all. As you may notice from its name, Stair Climbers are a kind of cardio machine which works similar to climbing up the stairs. Unlike Stepmills where they have real stairs and it’s exactly the same as climbing up the stairs, StairClimbers have two pedals that move independently. As any other stair workout, it develops your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, abs and calves muscles. I’ve included in the list below all kind of running machines that can be considered as Stair Climbers to avoid the cases when people can’t find the things they came here for. As always, all items in the list have at least 10 reviews and 4-5 stars. 

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