If you are looking for a brand that could help you find anything you need, Asatr is one of these brands and they have a wide variety of products that will make anyone happy. The brand might not be as well known in the sports and fitness world, but they do offer some decent treadmills that will enable you to improve your fitness. We have decided to go a little deeper and find some of these treadmills to see exactly how the brand stacks up compared to some of the elite brands on the market today. We also had the exclusive opportunity of finding a couple of these treadmills to see how they work and if they will be worth the price you pay.

Here’s a list of best Asatr Treadmills for sale which is reviewed in this article:

Key Features You Can Expect To Find In The Top Asatr Treadmills

As mentioned, Asatr has a wide variety of treadmills on the market and they cater for virtually any fitness needs. If you are looking for something affordable, they will have a smaller treadmill, while the elite fitness enthusiast should also find the ideal treadmill that meets their needs. Here are a couple of the common features you can expect to find:

  • Motors: As we have mentioned, the treadmill will have various motors depending on your needs. If you are looking for an advanced treadmill, Asatr will have motors that can go up top 4.5 HP. This will be ideal for the advanced athletes, as it will also offer much better speeds.
  • Construction: Steel is the most prominent material in most of their treadmills and while it might not be commercial grade, the durability is definitely there. The treadmills can be used in fitness clubs and we have tested some of their elite treadmills to see if they hold up under constant punishment.
  • Display: The display is one of the top things that many people tend to look for and with Asatr, they have placed a lot of emphasis on these displays. The larger displays will be a little expensive, but they will track all of the important stats you need to use.
  • Built-in programs: All of the Asatr treadmills do have built-in programs, but the workouts will vary from treadmill to treadmill. Moreover, they have been designed by elite fitness enthusiasts and this means that the treadmills should help you achieve your goals. The elite treadmills can have up to 20 different workout programs.
  • Incline: If you are looking for a quick way to get rid of some body fat, the incline feature is the perfect addition. You can use the incline feature to burn a little more calories in less time. However, it is worth noting that this feature is only available in the high-end Asatr treadmills.
  • Folding: Should you be living in a smaller apartment, you will need something smaller to help conserve some of the available space. This will be the ideal place for you to try the folding feature. If guests are arriving, the treadmill can be folded and moved out of the way until it is needed once again.
  • Bluetooth: Monitoring your daily calorie intake is fundamentally important and you can do this with numerous apps that are freely available. With the Asatr treadmills, you can connect your mobile device via Bluetooth and this will make it perfect for tracking your calorie expenditure and checking your overall progress.
  • Large running surfaces: For the larger users, you will be happy to know that almost all of their treadmill have large running areas. Most of them will be more than 26-inches wide, which should make it ideal for virtually anyone.
  • Accessories: Finally, you will also be treated to a couple of excellent accessories for your treadmill. These include cup holders and storage space for your IPOD’s. Nevertheless, the treadmills do not come with speakers for listening to your music.

The features will vary from treadmill to treadmill, but most of these are basic in some of their more advanced treadmills. If you are serious about fitness, we do recommend looking into the advanced treadmills for the better features on offer.

Things That Could Have Been Better With This Brand

Asatr is a great brand, but they do have a couple of flaws that we believe could have been done a little better. These flaws should not dissuade you from giving them a chance, but we think you should just keep them in mind:

  • Warranty: Asatr does not really offer great warranties and this could be troublesome to some users. The treadmills are extremely durable, but replacing broken parts can be really expensive without a warranty. You also need to do the service yourself.
  • Weight limit: The weight limit on these treadmills are also not the highest. The average weight limit is around 220-pounds and this can be a kick in the face for the larger users. If you are one of the larger users, we do recommend looking for a more durable treadmill that will comfortably hold your weight.
  • Quality gap: if you have the opportunity of trying out the elite and cheap Asatr treadmills, you will see the massive quality gap in them. When it comes to quality, Asatr does offer great quality for their advanced treadmills and we would recommend that you save up and consider investing in one of them instead.

Asatr does not have many flaws and these are the only three problems that we could really find. However, we would still recommend the brand for the value and the quality of the elite treadmills they have. It is also worth noting that the assembly is not that hard either.

Best Asatr Treadmills On The Market Today

Now that you have a better understanding of what you should expect with these treadmills, we have decided to test a couple of them and show you which ones we would recommend. We understand they have numerous different treadmills available, but if you are considering one of them, these will be the ones you should pick from:

Asatr Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill

The Asatr Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill is one of the most affordable treadmills they have. It is durably constructed and features a space-saving design that incorporates the folding feature when your guests arrive. The treadmill features a decent 1.5 HP motor and should give you speeds that will go up to 7 MPH. The LCD display is quite advanced and it will track most if you important stats to help you improve. Additionally, the treadmill also includes a couple of great workout programs to help you improve your fitness and drop excess weight. The deck cushioning technology should provide you excellent comfort to ensure your joints are protected. The biggest drawback is the size of the running surface. Unfortunately, the treadmill does not feature such a wide running track and this might make it a little uncomfortable to larger runners. It is worth noting that an incline feature has been included to give you more functionality and ensure you burn more calories faster. One of the best parts is the price and this is one of the more affordable options on the market today. It comes with a basic warranty to keep you protected, but finding replacement parts can be quite hard. If you are in the market for something small and affordable, this will be one of the top treadmills to buy and we would definitely recommend it. Pros:

  • Decent durability
  • Really affordable
  • Advanced LCD console
  • Includes the incline feature
  • Can be folded


  • The running surface might be a little too narrow

Asatr Multi-Function Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill

Next, we have the Asatr Multi-Function Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill and this treadmill has been designed from more durable materials than the previous one. The treadmill comes with a decent 2.25 HP motor and this will give you speeds of up to 10MPH, making it perfect for running and more advanced athletes. The stand out feature is the Bluetooth connectivity and this treadmill also comes with the G-Fit app. The app enables you to connect it to your mobile device and keep tabs on all the calories you have expended and taken in during the day. This treadmill also features advanced deck cushioning technology to keep your joints protected. Unfortunately, it does have the same drawback as the previous treadmill and the running surface is only around 16.5-inches wide. If you are a larger individual, you might need to consider investing in a larger treadmill as the maximum weight limit is only 220-pounds. It is also worth noting that the treadmill can be folded when you need the space. In terms of the price, it is somewhat more expensive. This should not deter you from buying the treadmill as it comes with state of the art workout programs. The treadmill features a basic warranty and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable treadmill without expert assembly. Pros:

  • Durable
  • Large and functional LCD display
  • Folding design
  • Reasonably priced


  • Weight limit is only 220-pounds
  • Narrow running surface

Asatr Sports & Fitness Folding Electric Treadmill

If you are looking for something compact and easy to use, the Asatr Sports & Fitness Folding Electric Treadmill should be the perfect option. The treadmill is constructed from durable materials and it features a 1.75 Hp motors that will give you speeds of up to 8 MPH. This will make it ideal for casual runners and walkers. The best part is definitely the console and it is designed with an LED display system that monitors all of your stats, whilst displaying them simultaneously. With the addition of the Bluetooth connectivity, you can also track your stats quite easily and monitor all of your calorie intake and expenditure during the day. Unfortunately, this treadmill is not designed for the advanced fitness lovers and this could be a little frustrating. The treadmill won’t allow you to reach the top speeds you need to, but if you need something for walking, it should be ideal. This treadmill also comes with the advanced deck cushioning technology. With such an affordable price tag, this should be the ideal budget treadmill for your home. If you need to save space, it can be folded and moved out of the way as well. We also love the stylish and this treadmill should definitely work well for those who love casual jogging or walking a little after work for burning calories. Pros:

  • Space saving design
  • Really stylish
  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes multiple workout programs
  • Cushioned deck


  • Narrow running surface
  • Weak motor

Asatr Folding Electric Treadmill

The Asatr Folding Electric Treadmill is one of the more stylish treadmills on the market today. The treadmill comes with a powerful 3.0 HP motor and this should give you speeds of up to 12 MPH. It includes a 7-inch LED display system and this can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, which means you can watch your favorite shows while working out. As with much of the Asatr treadmills, this one can also be folded if you need to save some space around the house. The treadmill comes with a much larger running surface, including the deck cushioning technology to have your joints protected. What we love most about this treadmill is the weight limit that is around the 300-pound mark. While the console is perfect and you do not need to have someone for expert assembly, the biggest downside is the lackluster warranty. Unfortunately, this warranty will only keep you protected for 3-years and it does not include any labor on the treadmill. We also struggled to find new parts for the treadmill as a test to see if we can manage. If you are looking for a something a little more advanced, this will definitely be one of the treadmills to consider. It has been designed for all users and larger individuals will also find it extremely comfortable to use. It might be a little more expensive, but this is certainly considered one of their elite treadmills on the market today. Pros:

  • Excellent durability
  • Good 3.0 HP motor
  • Stylish design
  • Offers Wi-Fi connectivity


  • A little expensive
  • Lackluster warranty

Asatr 4.5HP High Capacity Fitness Folding Electric Treadmill

Last but certainly not least, we have the Asatr 4.5HP High Capacity Fitness Folding Electric Treadmill and this is considered the most advanced Asatr treadmill on the market today. It has been constructed from commercial grade materials and features a massive 4.5HP motor, making it perfect for the elite fitness lovers. Everything on this treadmill can be controlled digitally. The incline is easy to use and you can have an incline of up to 10% to help you burn calories a little faster. The treadmill is packed with 20 different workout programs and these are designed by professional trainers for fitness lovers of all levels. With an advanced console, tracking your stats should also be a breeze. Compared to some of the other treadmills on this list, this one is quite heavy. However, it does not require expert assembly, which should enable you to save up on those additional costs. It also comes with a larger running surface, making it the perfect addition to the larger fitness lovers. The weight limit is also a massive 450-pounds. Unfortunately, the treadmill is really expensive and this might dissuade some of the fitness lovers. However, if you want the best, you need to be willing to pay for it and this treadmill comes with a decent warranty that will give you peace of mind and keep you protected. We would certainly recommend it to the larger and more advanced fitness lovers. Pros:

  • Extremely durable
  • Wide running surface with cushioned deck
  • Powerful 4.5 HP motor
  • 450-pound weight limit
  • Decent warranty


  • Really expensive

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, Asatr might not be the most elite brand with the best reputation, but they have managed to churn out some great treadmills that will help you reach your fitness goals. If you are into the world of fitness and you are looking for a great treadmill to get you started, Asatr will be the ideal brand to look out for and save a couple of bucks. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these treadmills. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever used one of the above-mentioned treadmills and what your experience was. We would also like to know if you think we might have missed any of their other great treadmills.  

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